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Jaat Ki Jugni 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaat Ki Jugni 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Munni tells Savita that she does not love Bittu and Bittu is jovial. Savita says jovial guys wont call at night. Munni says she is telling truth. Savita says she does not believe her and wants to hear truth, says like Bittu is lying, she is also lying. She opens window and sees Bittu standing hiding behind tree. She calls Munni and says this scene cannot lie, now will she tell that there is nothing between her and Bittu. Bheem comes out and scolds guards to fix flickering lights. He sees Bittu behind tree and thinks if he is doubting them for Bauji’s murder, he should inform Bauji.

Bheem goes and informs Bauji that he saw Bittu here and takes him out. Bittu wearing shawl and lifting bag like servant walks and clashes with Bheem. Bheem does not pay attention and takes Bauji with him. He shows a man behind tree and says it is Bittu. Bauji holds man and when he turns, Bheem is shocked someone else. Bauji scolds man and sends ad scolds Bheem that he has cow dung in his brain. Bheem says he thinks Bittu knows they killed Tauji. Bauji scolds him to go and look at wedding arrangements and walks in.

Bittu walks into haveli like a servant, holding flower bouquet. Bheem walks back in and notices shawl wearing man and thinks he is Bittu for sure and walks towards him. Savita comes and calls Bittu as servant Haria and takes him along. She takes him to Munni’s room and asks Munni why did Bittu come at night and insists to tell truth.

Bheem continues searching Bittu and checks each shawl wearing servant. He thinks he is sure Bittu is in this house and he will catch him. On the other side, Savita insists Munni to tell truth, else she will call Bauji and inform that Bittu has come at this time. Munni says Bittu loves him and even she likes him. She describes the incidents where Bittu risked his life to save her and says she fell for him seeing his care. Bittu also accept that he loves Munni. Savita says she will inform Bauji about this good news. Bittu says they both will understand each other first and then inform Bauji themselves. Savita says youngsters are unpredictable. Bheem asks guards to search whole house and find where Bittu is. He opens Munni’s room door and look shocked.

Jaat Ki Jugni 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Munni and Bittu reach Amrithketh and see the whole place secluded. Bittu says something is wrong in this village and we need to find out what it is.