Jaat Ki Jugni 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on teleshowupdates.com

Bittu tells Munni there is no antedote for herbal tonic and they have to manage guests for 10 min. Suman comes and insists Bitu to come and serve her juice and tries to get intimate. Munni pushes her away and takes Bittu away.

Dadaji on the other side tells Bauji that he thought he is a big criminal, but he was wrong, he is very sanskari. Masterji tries to stop Dadaji, but he continues. Bauji says he is really a criminal and is just acting. Bheem asks if he should slap Dadaji. Masterji angrily slaps Bheem, leaving his fingerprints on Bheem’s cheeks. Bheem fumes and points gun at Dadaji and masterji. Bittu watching their drama standing aside rushes to stop their fight. He pleads Bheem to calm down. Bauji shouts that he is the main reason for all these problems and should die. Bittu snatches gun and warns them to stay silent for 5 more minutes.

On the other side, Savita asks Phool Kumari what is she up to, why she is giving attention to Suman so much, if she is joking or what. Phool Kumari says Suman is her choice for Bittu and she will never let Bittu and Munni unite. Munni hears their conversation hiding near pillar silently. Savita says she knows Bittu and Munni love each other. Phool Kumari says Bittu confessed he does not. Savita says Bittu will die if he is separated from Munni. Phool Kumari yells he is childless, so she is saying bad words, she pities on her that her husband did not even give her a child. Savita fumes and confesses that she is physically fit, but she did not become mother because of Munni. When she got married, Munni was forced to her, she should have strangulated Munni in childhood itself and killed her. Munni shatters hearing that and cries.

Bittu locks all 4 into a room, calls babaji and asks 10 minutes have passed and what to do next. Babaji reveals herb’s effect will be like bhang’s and everyone will forget what happened once effect wears off. Bittu relaxes and opens door. He sees All 4 behaving nicely to each other and takes them out to enjoy function.


Jaat Ki Jugni 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bittu gives water to Munni and asks why is she crying. She says nothing like that. Bittu says he saw pain in her eyes, so he mixed herbal tonic in her water to know what is bothering her.


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