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Jaat Ki Jugni 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaat Ki Jugni 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman continues searching Bittu and fumes he escaped with Munni. Savita asks Phool Kumari why is Suman behind Bittu, she has to do something. Phool Kumari says they are childhood friends, she will handle everything. She feels something happened just now, says forget it, let us start mehandi ritual.

Monty gives camera to Bittu and says cameraman kept camera on in a room. Bittu watches Muskan and Sunaina entering room with herbal juice. Sunaina says they are away from their rude husbands and arrogant jethani. She pours her heart out that Bheem is so senseless and looks like he married bade bhai saheb and wrestling ground. She goes to get more juice. Pratap enters and tells Muskan she needs to listen to him. She asks what is it. Pratap says like her, he wanted to study well and become something and marry a girl of his choice, but in their house, Bade bhai Saheb rules over them as he bought them up. He loves her and does everything she likes, he knows she does not want to stay with him, he does not want to bind her in their relationship, she can go away whenever she wants, he will speak to bade bhai saheb. Muskan gets disheartened. Bittu smiles watching video. Monty says it is tragedy and he is laughing. Bittu says jadi boti/herb worked and whatever he wanted happened. He tells his plan and asks to switch on camera when he says. He then walks towards Munni.

Munni reminisces Savita taking care of her like a mother since childhood and today opening her heart out that she hates Munni and it was good if she had killed her. She cries how can bhabhi maa hate her so much. Bittu comes and says what is she doing here, he searched her in whole house. He sees her sad and asks what happened. She say she is fine. He says he can read her eyes. She asks forget it, what to do next. He says it is time to unite Pratap and Muskan. She says she did not understand. He shows Pratap and Muskan’s video and says whatever they wanted happened.

Monty tells Pratap that Muskan is waiting for him on terrace. Pratap goes to Muskan and asks why did she call him. Muskan says he called her instead. Pratap says he did not. Bittu says he called them and says he wanted to tell them about a love story, their love story, they love each other so much and take care of each other’s need, that is love. Muskan asks what is all this. Bittu says he will show them. He shows video. Pratap says when did he tell all this. Bittu says sorry to interfere, but he wants to see every love story has a happy ending. He asks Muskan if she loved some, if she knew he is perfect for him. She stands nervously. Bittu says he can challenge her that nobody can love her more than Pratap. He holds their hands together and asks not to leave it again, says it is up to them now where they want to take their relationship to and walks away. Pratap says may be it is too late and turns. Muskan says no…She came to his house, it was not her wish, even he did not utter anything. She feels really hurt when something wrong happens at home and he does not revert, be it Munni or someone else. Pratap holds her hand and says he knows he did not stand against injustice, but if he gets, he will change for good. She hugs him emotionally. They both walk holding each other’s hands.

Munni watches them hiding and gets emotional. Bittu says no need to hide now, she must be happy that her bhaiya and bhabhi united, but why she is standing here. She says bhaiya and bhabi would have realized she knows tension between them. Bittu asks why she is looking tensed. She says nothing important and takes him to party venue. She sees Savita, reminisces Savita confessing that she hates her and walks aside. Bittu follows her and gives her juice, asks why she is sad. She says she is not. He says he can read her eyes, so he mixed jadi boti in her juice, she will speak truth for 10 min and then will forget everything. She tries to walk away, but he stops her.


Jaat Ki Jugni 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Munni tells she does not want him to fall in trouble because of her, situation is against them, she loves him a lot like he does.