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Jaat Ki Jugni 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Jaat Ki Jugni 23rd May 2017 on

Bittu tells his family that he will go and check wedding arrangements and heads towards Bauji’s haveli. Munni standing in balcony sees him on bike and gets happy. She walks down. They both meet. Munni thanks him for saving her. He says there is no need for thanks, if something had happened to her, he would have been hurt, asks why did she save him. She says when her brothers held gun on him, she felt she should not let her brothers do any mistake, so she saved him. Bittu feels sad that she is still worried about her brothers and not in his love. She asks why did he give blood. He says so that her brothers don’t do any mistake. She says then it is fine, else she thought he is in her love, he knows nothing can happen between them. He says she is so sweet and beautiful and he fell in her love, she is so innocent and so pure, then laughs and says he is joking. She says then okay. He continues praising her beauty in mind. Munni asks him to come and check wedding arrangements. Savita hears their conversation and realizes Bittu loves Munni. Munni sees her and gets tensed.

Savita asks Munni if something is going on between her and Bittu. Munni says nothing like that. Savita takes her to home temple and asks her to take mata rani’s oath. Munni says no and she informed even Bittu. Savita says then fine, go and check if Jyoti is ready then. Munni leaves. Savita thinks she has taken oath to set fire between Munni and Bittu and then Munni will fall in Bauji’s eyes, then Bauji will agree for his own child. Phool Kumari looking at Bittu’s photo thinks she will end Bittu and Munni’s love story. Savita thinks she will rekindle Bittu and Munni’s love story.

Bauji with family reaches Bittu’s house. Masterji greets Chaudry/Bauji and tries to garland him saying they are becoming relatives. Bauji stops him and says he is great instead to adopt doctor as his son, Jyoti will be happy with doctor.

Bittu and Monty search Tauji everywhere and don’t find him. Monty says everything is alright, how will he manage to drop flowers on Munni. Bittu hopes Munni is welcomed properly. Munni walks in and flowers fall on her. She thinks why she is dreaming about Bittu often. Jyoti asks how did she get these flower petals, anyways she is looking very beautiful. Munnni says let us go in, she will clean flowers. She walks into Bittu’s room and seeing Bittu’s photo and belongings realizes it is his room. She wears his muffler and goggle and mimics him and laughs. Phool Kumari enters. She gets tensed and says she wanted to cler flowers from her hair, so she came here. Phool Kumari takes Bittu’s muffler, holds Munni’s hand and says she is guest and should let them serve guests, she should not repeat this mistake in life. Munni apologizes. Phool Kumari orders her go out. Munni walks out sadly.

Bittu continues calling Tauji and finds his phone off, thinks where is he hiding. Monty says Tauji is found nowhere, if he is not found, then Jyoti and doctor’s marriage will not happen and Munni/Bittu’s love story will not start. Bittu calls Bauji and asks where is Tauji. Bauji says Tauji walks out of house often, so he should not worry and come back before rituals start. Bittu says he is looking so concerned about him, but Bittu’s words and bullets will not return, he will come only after finding Tauji.


Jaat Ki Jugni 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Monty tells Bittu that Tauji is found and gives phone. Bittu asks Tauji where is he and looks shocked. He reaches morgue and finds Tauji’s dead body.

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