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Jaat Ki Jugni 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Savita tells her story to Phool Kumari. Phool Kumari says her story is very sad, why don’t she tell her husband that she needs child. Savita says she cannot confront her husband and has to guard secret, else her family will be killed. Their family women are told secret to guard it till their death, else they will be killed once truth is out. Phool Kumari says they are friends now, why don’t she tell secret. Savita says she does not trust her yet. Phool Kumari says their enemy is same. Savita says her son Bittu loves Munni though. Phool Kumari tells her plan. Savita says now they are friends and extends friendship hand. Phool Kumari says hands are shaken with enemies, friends hug. She pushes Savita towards her and hugs. They both smirk, hatching plans in their mind.

Bittu tells Masteriji that she has some important work and leaves. Munni follows him and gets into his car dickie silently. Bheem tells Bauji he will send his aides to spy Bittu. Bauji says Bittu is playing game and told a cooked up story of Tauji, they have to be careful and if Bittu will know that they killed Tauji, he will expose them. Pratap says let us perform Tauji’s last rights at least. Bauji warns to shut his mouth.

Bittu goes to morgue and gets Tauji’s body to cremation ground. Munni silently gets out of dickie and sees cremation ground. Bittu sets Tauji’s body on fire thinking he will let Tauji’s asthi visarjan via Jyoti and will not let Jyoti’s marriage break. Munni sees that and shouts Bittu..why did he hide from Jyoti that Tauji is dead. He says he did not want to stop Jyoti’s marriage. She continues blaming him that very selfish and should have at least informed her Bauji. He asks to listen to her. She shouts he is a murderer and killed Tauji, she will expose him to everyone. She walks and gets into auto. He pleads her not to go and follows her in car. She reminisces Jyoti praising Bittu that he convinced her father for this marriage. Bittu overtakes auto and stops it. Munnit asks driver to drive auto. Bittu holds auto and asks Munni to listen to her once. Her mobile drops in auto. He forcefully gets her out of auto. She tries to resist. Bauji’s bracelet falls from his hand. She is shocked seeing it and asks how did he get it, what game he is playing now. Bittu says Tauji was killed ruthlessly with knife. When he went to identify Tauji’s body, he saw this bracelet in Tauji’s hand. Munni is shocked.

Jaat Ki Jugni 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Munni tells Bitti there must be another reason for Bauji’s bracelet being found in Tauji’s hand. Bittu says she is very innocent and fool who thinks her brothers are always right.

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