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Jaat Ki Jugni 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaat Ki Jugni 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bheem asks Pratap why he is looking tensed. Pratap says bhaisaheb/Gajendra bauji went to his room angrily. Jyoti comes and asks if they saw Bauji and tells them whole story. Bauji comes down holding gun and says he will shoot Munni and follow their family ritual. He reminisces promising his father that he will not let anyone love before marriage and will kill them. He says nobody ahs right to love before marriage and should die.

Munni meets Bittu and tells she is inauspicious and does not want him to be at risk because of him, so she wants him to forget her.

Pratap stops Bauji and asks how can he kill Munni, he considers Munni as his daughter and their duty is to protect heir daughters. He reminds that they all 3 took oath to protect Munni and even give their life for her. Bauji says he promised his father to kill whoever loves before marriage, it is sin. He will kill Munni. Pratap says he has to kill him before killing Munni. Bauji pushes him and warns to move aside, else he will kill him first. Muskan stands with Pratap says loving is not a sin, he has to kill them both first before killing Munni. Suman asks her to move aside, she cannot interfere in family issues. Muskan say they always followed bhaisaheb and accepted all his wrongdoings. Savita yells how dare Pratap is to confront his father like elder brother, he cannot oppose age old rituals. She continues and thinks she will force Bauji to kill Munni today.

Bittu says he will not stop loving her until god himself comes down and asks him not to. She says whenever they met, a mishap happened, reminiscing transformer and other bursting incidents. He says that is god’s sign that they are made for each other. She asks if god will show sign again. Temple cloth flies and falls on them. They both get emotional.

Savita cries that Munni misused their freedom. Pratap consoles her. Bauji continues Munni betrayed them and did a big sin. Muskan pleads not to harm Munni. Jyoti thinks she has to inform Bittu and Munni that Bauji is coming to kill Munni.

Bittu and Munni’s conversation continues. He says he will not force her to love him, but he will not stop loving her. Bauji’s goon hits his head from behind and he collapses.


Jaat Ki Jugni 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pratap asks howmany people he will kill, if he will kill them all like he killed Tauji. Jyothi is shocked. Bauji says she is the root of problems. Jyoti says whatever he does, he cannot stop Munni and Bittu’s love.