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Jaat Ki Jugni 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bittu tells Munni that he found Bauji’s bracelet in Tauji’s hand when he went to identify Tauji’s dead body. She says she cannot believe it. He says he is telling truth and did not kill Tauji, he did not inform inspector about bracelet to protect Bauji. She shatters and cries hugging him. Bheem tells Bauji that Munni is not at home. Bauji asks everyone to search her. Phool Kumari comments they are talking like a needle is lost, Munni is a big girl and must be somewhere around. Bauji scolds Savita and asks her to search Munni. Phool Kumari taunts Savita that Munni is big troublesome for her.

Bittu consoles Munni, takes her back to main road, pays auto driver and sends him and takes her in car. Bauji on the other side rushes towards his car to search Munni. Masterji stops him and asks where is he going. Phool Kumari says Munni is missing. Dadaji says why is he so tensed, she must be somewhere around, Bittu will find her. He calls Bittu. Masterji says Bittu went for some important work and took Monty’s car. Bittu comes in car and asks what happened. Bauji says Munni is missing. Bittu taunts him to stop his tricks and search by heart, mimics Shahruk Khan’s dialogue, says Munn must have gone home, so they can call landline and check. Savita tells Phool Kumari that he is so sure that Munni is at home, means they are coming closer. Phool Kumari says they are young and may make mistake. Savita says they are there to hold them. Bittu insists Bauji to call landline. Bauji calls. Munni picks landline. Bauji asks if he she is at home. Bittu comments he called home landline, then she is at home obviously. He then comments that they will meet again as they are relatives now. Bauji leaves with family. Savita smirks at Phool Kumari and leaves.

After reaching home, Bauji asks Munni why did she come home without informing, touches her and says she is having fever. He asks Savita to take her to her room and make her rest. Munni notices Bauji’s bracelet missing, reminisces Bittu’s words if Bauji does not have his bracelet and makes excuses, then he killed Tauji for sure. She turns back, but does not ask Bauji and leaves.

Munni calls Bittu after sometime and says she could not ask Bauji and feels Bittu is misken. Bittu says she is very innocent and is trying to convince that her brothers are good, she is a big fool who cannot see truth, etc. She starts crying loudly and disconnects. He feels guilty and cals her back, but she switches off phone He feels more guilty. In the morning, Munni peeps out of her balcony combing her hair and sees Bittu on his bike. He calls her and apologizes her being rude yesterday, offers her lassi to calm her mind. She says she does not like lassi. He insists, fixes rope to her balcony and sends lassi bottle. They both drink lassi. She smiles. He gets happy seeing her smiling.

Jaat Ki Jugni 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Munni asks Bauji where is his bracelet. Bauji asks Savita to get his bracelet from cupboard. She says it is not in cupboard.

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