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Jaat Ki Jugni 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaat Ki Jugni 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bittu and Munni get tensed hearing Bheem ordering guards to search whole house carefully and catch intruder. Savita guards them out and asks Bheem what is he searching. Bheem says a rat has intruded their house. Savita says she saw a big rat running into grocery room and asks him to get it out. Bheem walks away. She relaxes. Bittu and Munni also relax. Bittu apologizes Munni that she had to lie to save him. She says it okay. He thinks he really loves her, but she does not know. Their discussion continues. He injures his hand. She gets concerned and nurses his injury scolding him. He says she is like doctor’s prescription, difficult to understand but is very helpful. She says she wants to go to Amrithkheth and tells what Muskan told. He asks why did she tell about Tauji’s murder to Muskan. She says Muskan assured she will not tell anyone. He says he will go to Amrithketh and find out the secret. Munni says she will also come along as it related to her Tauji. He agrees. She sends him via balcony window. He says she is more worried about him and leaves.

Bheem continues searching rat and finds rose bouquet on floor, realizes Bittu had come for sure. He walks towards Munni’s rom. Savita stops him and says Munni must have slept and he should not disturb her sleep. Bheem insists and walks in and sees Munni asleep. Savita scolds him and sends out, locks door from inside. Munni wakes up and thanks her. Savita asks her too sleep and walks picking her phone kept for recording on flower vase. She reminisces keeping her phone for recording Bittu and Munni’s conversation. Munni feels guilty for hiding things with bhabhi. Savita walks out smirking and tries to hear conversation when Bheem passes by and clashes with her. Phone falls and breaks. She scolds if he has eyes or buttons. Bheem says eyes, he will get her mobile repaired. She says rat went away, no need to search. He says okay and leaves. She gives phone to servant for repair.

Bittu reaches home. Munni calls him and asks if he took tetanus injection. He says he will in the morning as clinics are closed. She says doctor Vikram is in his house and asks him to call him and keep phone on speaker so that he cannot escape. He switches on speaker and calls Vikram. Vikram comes and Munni asks him to give tetanus injection to Bittu. Vikram nurses Bittu’s wound and fills syringe. Bittu says he is afraid of injection and shouts. Munni laughs.

Next morning, Bittu gets ready to go to Amrithkheth when Phool Kumari stops him and asks to help in wedding arrangements. He says he has important work. Monty comes and says he has stomach and headache. Bittu says let us go to doc. Phool Kumari says doc is at home and calls Vikram. Bittu somehow manages and leaves house. Munni on the other side asks Bauji’s permission to go for college picnic. Bauji says she did not want to go till yesterday. She says her friend is insisting. He says he will manage Jyoti’s haldi, she can go and come. Jyoti asks Munni to come back soon as she does not have Tauji here and only Munni is her dear one. Munni agrees and leaves. Savita thinks what happened suddenly that Bittu and Munni want to spend whole day together and follows Munni.


Jaat Ki Jugni 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bittu and Munni reach Amrithketh and see whole village secluded. Bittu says something is wrong and he need to find out what it is.