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Jaat Ki Jugni 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bittu asks Vikram and Jyoti that his brain is not working since he was hit on his head, they should also think and let him think. Once he leaves, Vikram tells Jyoti that Bittu is waste for him and they will act as he plans. She asks what is his plan. He says he will explain tonight.

Pratap’s wife asks him if Bauji really wants Munni to marry. Pratap says if Bauji has decided, he will for sure. Wife says since Viru came in this house, everything is changing for good, else Bauji’s decision was final. He holds her shoulder and says everything will be for good. She angrily pushes his hand. On the other side, Bheem sees Sunaina looking at jewelry magazine and smiling. He tries to speak, but she ignores. He says whole day she is busy shopping jewelry on her mobile. She says Bauji got her married to Bheem telling about jewelry and wealth, in her old age only jewelry will be with her. He asks if she does not love him. She says yes, but jewelry more. Bheem fumes.

At night, Vikram wakes up and sees Bittu sleeping. He messages Jyoti to meet him in backyard with her bags. She meets him and says if they go, Bauji will not spare Bittu. Vikram says Bittu is a hero and will manage, let us escape. She asks what about guards. He says he will smell them chloroform.

Munni wakes up and does not find Jyoti. She knocks washroom and asks Jyoti to open door, but she does not reply. She pushes door and it opens. She does not find Jyoti and thinks Bittu must have done something. She goes to Bitu’s room and tries to wake him up. He in sleep holds her hand and pulls her on him and murmurs she is always behind him, etc. She tries to free herself and says Jyoti and doctor have escaped. He wakes up in a shock and she falls down. He asks what is she doing here. She says doctor and Jyoti have escaped.

Doctor Vikram and Jyoti try to escape when Jyoti hides seeing someone coming. Phool Kumari enters and hits doctor’s head and he collapses. Jyoti shouts. Phool Kumari runs behind her to hit. Munni and Bittu hear her voice and rushes down. Bittu sees Phool Kumari. Bauji and whole family comes down and sees doctor on floor unconscious, Jyoti in front of him and a woman hiding behind tree. Bheem focuses light on her and asks t come out. Phool Kumari comes out and Bittu stands next to her. Bheem asks him who is she. He says his mother. Pratap says he heard children’s birth, but for the first time saw mother’s birth. Bittu says she is his foster mother. Phool Kumari slaps him and scolds that he called her foster mother. Bauji asks Jyoti why she is out with doctor. Jyoti says she did not see doctor and saw Bittu’s mother. Bauji asks where is Bittu.


Jaat Ki Jugni 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Bauji with Bheem and Pratap walk into Bittu’s room, says his truth is out and shoots him.

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