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Jaat Ki Jugni 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Jaat Ki Jugni 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Jaat Ki Jugni 5th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Chaudhry reads Bittoo’s letter that Chaudhry’s men trashed his friend Monty, so he kidnapping Chaudhry’s sister. Chaudhry shouts Munni. Bittoo kidnaps Munni and speeds in car via backdoor. Chaudry reaches backdoor and sees all his men on floor unconscious and fumes that kidnapper took Munni from backdoor. His men start riots in city. He calls police and warns if he does not get back his sister safely, he will burn whole city. Police increase security and start checking each vehicle.

Bittoo speeds car and Munni shouts to stop car, he cannot escape from his brothers. He laughs. Car stops at police check post. Munni boasts if he saw her brothers’ power, police will catch him easily now and tries to turn steering towards police when Bittoo pushes her on her seat and speeds away breaking security.

Inspector calls Chaudry to police station and informs that Monty’s friend Bittoo kidnapped Munni and took away even Monty from hospital. Chaudry scolds if he called here to fix saline to patients, he should catch boy friend and then speak to him next. Inspector tells Monty and Bittoo are from same village. Chaudhry takes Bittoo’s home address and reaches his village with his brothers and goons in series of cars. He asks villagers where is Bittoo’s house. He show direction and discuss Bittoo must have something again, he is a threat to their village. At Bittoo’s house, his father serves tea to his grandfather. Chaudry reaches there kicking things on the way and asks where is Bittoo. Father asks what did he do this time.

Bittoo takes Munni to a broken house and asks his friends to guard her. Munni sees Monty on bed and runs to him and tries to speak. Friend says Monty is in coma and cannot speak. Munni asks if they trashed Monty. Bittoo and his friend laugh. Bittoo she reminds him of SRK’s song. Bholi si soorat, aankhon me masti..He reveals that his brothers’ goons trashed Monty. She does not believe. He says since she gave rose to Monty, her brothers’ goons trashed Monty. He tells how her brothers protect her and when she goes out of house, whole area is seen secluded like curfiew is imposed, how same auto driver picks her, how all boys call her sister, how she only has only 2 friends in 2 years, etc. He says she is inauspicious and because of her, her brothers are troubling whole city. He says he will show her brothers how it feels when one’s dignity is lost. He walks towards Munni, snatches her dupatta and throws it in air. Munni shouts noooo..


Jaat Ki Jugni 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chaudry threatens Bittoo’s dadadji. Bittoo’s mother throws kerosene on Bheem. Chaudry boasts that he will burn her house if she does not tell where is Bittoo. She trashes his goons and burns Bheem.

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