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Jaat Ki Jugni 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaat Ki Jugni 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Munni sees snake heading towards her, runs and hugs Bittu tightly. Bittu feels her touch and gets happy, prays snake to stay for some more time so that he can enjoy romantic moment.

Phool Kumari asks Muskan to tell what she knows about Amrithkhet. Muskan nervously says she does not know anything. Phool Kumari says then what did she tell Munni. Savita says let it go. Phool Kumari says Savita recorded Muskan’s conversation and asks Muskan to tell, else she will ask Bauji. Muskan reminisces Bauji’s warning that only 6 people know about it and if 7th person will know, one will die. Muskan says she will tell. Down, Bheem and Sunaina ask Pratap to go and find out where is Muskan stuck again, she went to call Savita and Phool Kumari.

Munni part ways with Bittu and asks if snake is gone. He says yes. She yells that all boys are same, they try a chance to touch girls. Bittu says she hugged him tightly. She says whenever he talks romantically, she feels he really loves her. He says he met a girl in temple in childhood and transformer blasted, then whenever he met the girl, some blast happened. The girl is her and he realized their love is unique. He also saw she can go to any extent to save him and reminds crocodile incident, taking bullet on herself, etc. Munni says after hearing all this, she feels they should stay away.

Pratap walks towards Savita’s room and hears Muskan telling that she can tell Amritkheth’s secret, but Bauji warned to kill her. She is a living dead body though as she is married against her will, she wanted to study and loves someone else, but Bauji forced her to marry Pratap whom she does not love. She married him fearing her family’s life. Phool Kumari says she told her story, but what about her question, why did she send Munni to Amritkhetth. Pratap enters. They all 3 get tensed.

Munni says hearing all this, she feels they should not meet again, she does not need even his help. He says she will change her view once she realizes she loves him, she went against her brothers for him repeatedly, it is love for sure. She says she does not know all that and walks. He tries to stop her and angrily throws stone on a cloth. He sees Bittu and Munni written on a wall.


Jaat Ki Jugni 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Munni and Bittu look at photos in a house. An old man enters. Munni shouts seeing him. Man happily shouts Bittu and Munni came.