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Jaat Ki Jugni 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaat Ki Jugni 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bittu tries to stop Munni from going and angrily throws stone on curtain. Curtain drops and he is shocked to see Bittu and Munni written on walls. He shows it to Munni. They both are shocked to see their names. Bittu checks and says it is written with blood. Munni says must be pain. Bittu injures his hand and writes Bittu and Munni with blood. Munni looks at him concernred and says he injured his hand without thinking twice.

Phool Kumari insists Muskan to tells secret of Amritkheth. Pratap enters. Savita stops Phool Kumari. Pratap asks why Muskan is crying. Savita says women get emotional during marriages, she is reminiscing her marriage. Phool Kumari asks her not to get too emotional and reminds she did not get secret yet. Savita takes Phool Kumari out. Pratap gives his hand kerchief to Muskan. She cries more.

Bauji tells Bheem that Bittu did not turn, else he would have killed whole family at once. Bheem says he has fixed live wire to electrocute family. Dadaji tells Masterji that he is tired of sitting, let us walk. They both walk. Bauji stops them and says let him give a chance to serve and sit back. They both sit. Bheem holds switch and waits for Bauji’s signal. Phool Kumari joins them. Bheem is about to press switch when Savita and others join Phool Kumari. Bauji signals to stop. Phool Kumari says let us perform Jyoti’s haldi and walks with Savita. Bauji stops her and asks to sit. Phool Kumari sits back. Bheem presses button, but spark happens behind. Bittu’s family gets saved. Dadaji says they are savd, else they would have become burnt papad. Phool Kumari says let us go other side. Bheem enters ands says everything is fine, it was short circuit. Bauji asks him silently to fix wires properly and not make mistake again. He then scolds loudly to be careful.

Bittu tells Munni it is some other Munni and Bittu whose love story is incomplete. They both walk around village and see Munni and Bittu written on all houses. A wooden mesh is about to fall on Munni when Bittu saves her. She feels his love. They both then see an old burnt house and enter in. Muni sees a dirt laden photo and is about touch it when an old man comes. She shouts Bittu…seeing man. Bittu enters and looks at old man. Old man shouts Munni and Bittu came.


Jaat Ki Jugni 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Old man asks Bittu if Munni is Gajendra’s sister. Bittu asks if he knows bade Chaudhry. Old man says Gajendra killed Bittu and Munni and destroyed their love story.