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Jaat Ki Jugni 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaat Ki Jugni 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Gajendra/Gajju catches Munni and Bittu hugging each other and asks Munni who is this. She says he is Bittu. He tries to hit Bittu. Munni stops him and says she loves Bittu. Gajendra says why don’t she inform family abou it. Bittu says haveli people consider love as crime. She asks Bittu to never leave her and walks home with Gajendra. They both see Munni’s alliance being fixed somewhere else. Gajendra asks Munni why don’t she inform family about her love for Bittu. He goes to his Bauji and tries to inform, but Munni stops him and says he came to know about her alliance and is angry. Bauji Gajju loves his bua lot.

Out of flashback, Munni asks if Gajju loved bua so much, then how can he kill her. Old man continues story. Gajju takes senior Munni to senior Bittu. Bittu says this world will not understand our love, let us elope from here. Gajju warns Bittu if he troubles Munni bua, he will not spare him. He then gives his savings piggy bank and hand made doll to Munni. Bittu says he loves his bua so much. Munni tears her dupatta and ties rakhi to Gajju and asks him to keep it with him always. Villagers watch them. They all 3 run. They catch them. Sarpanch pronounces death sentence. Gajju pleads to spare Munni. Munni pleads to spare Bittu. Even Bittu’s father does. Sarpanch shoots Bittu. Gajju confronts sarpanch why did he kill Bittu, Munni bua loves him. Sarpanch says he did justice and asks him to promise to follow justice. Gajju pleads to spaer bua. Sarpanch gives him gun and says he is giving him one chance to do justice. Gajju asks why is he giving him phone. Sarpanch forcefully holds his hand and shoots Munni. Munni smilingly dies. Gajju stands in a shock.

Sarpanch’s wife delivers a baby girl. Gajju runs and holds Munni and pleads not to leave him. Out of flashback, old man reveals that he is Bittu’s father. He tells Sarpanch that true love does not die and history will repeat. He will stay here and wait for sarpanch’s destroyal. Sarpanch drags Gajju with him. Sarpanch reaches home. People congratulate him or a baby girl. Sarpanch asks Gajju to name his sister. Gajju says Munni, he will not let any problem reach her and will guard her. Pandit says they have to safeguard Munni till her 24th birthday. Gajju says he with his brothers will safeguard Munni and will never let any other men near her.

Out o flashback, old man tells Munni and Bittu that village got a curse after that, Sarpanch died
after and village got vacant. Gajju with his brothers took Munni to some other village. He gives Munni’s doll and says he will go and rest somewhere else after 25 years as Bittu and Munni have returned.


Jaat Ki Jugni 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Munni cries that whatever Bauji did till now is to protect her and not let her fate become like Munni bua.