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Jamai Raja 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Jamai Raja 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Jamai Raja 20th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Kareena appearing on TV and telling Satya that she has kidnapped Mahi and his family. She says you must be thinking how did I kidnap them all. A fb is shown, Kareena goons kidnap all family members going to their rooms. Kareena tells Satya that he can save any one of his family members. Satya says I need all my family members. Kareena says you will know where are they? Satya sees rice bag hanging above Raj while he is tied. Mitul and Anupama are hanging with the rod. Payal is tied to chair and shouts for help. Mahi is also tied up.. Satya gets shocked seeing his family members in trouble. Kareena comes there and asks if he liked the trailor. Satya says I will kill you and will not leave you. He is caught by the goons.

Kareena says you can kill me, but then how you will know about your family’s whereabouts. He asks what do you want and says he is ready to give his everything, wealth, money, property etc. He asks what do you want? Kareena says I want to see your blood as you have troubled me a lot. Goons start beating him. Satya tries to beat them, but Kareena asks him to make his blood flow for his family.

Mahi, Anupama, Payal, Mitul and Raj see Satya getting beaten by goons on TV kept there. Mahi shouts Satya. Everyone is shocked. Kareena asks goons to continue beating him. Satya is badly beaten by goons and collapses down on the floor. Goon asks Kareena what to do with him. Kareena says you seems to be worried. Mahi asks Kareena to punish her and leave Satya. Kareena says fun have just started and says they will start again after break. She asks her goons to lock him up in the storeroom and then they will beat him again. Satya is locked in store room. Sid and Roshni’s pics fall down on him. He gets emotional and gets strength seeing their pics. He removes his coat and comes out of window, and hides in Kareena’s car. Kareena comes out of house and drives the car.

Goons see Mahi and teases her. Kareena stops the car on midway and attends someone’s call saying she will give money to all goons. She senses someone is behind her and turns, but Satya hides as he comes out of car. Mahi asks the goons to stop there itself and don’t touch her. She shouts Satya. Goons walk towards her. Mahi shouts Satya. Satya comes there and beats the goons. One of the goon start the machine making the iron thorn wall move towards Mahi. Satya tries to stop it, but goons catch him. Satya beats them and stops the machine. He rescues Mahi. Mahi hugs him.

Kareena comes inside talking on phone. Satya and Mahi hides. Kareena sees Mahi escaped and asks her goons. Goons tell her that Satya came and saved Mahi. Kareena asks her goons to find them. She asks her to goons to sit in car and says they might not be far. Satya and Mahi sit in auto. Mahi asks what we will do now? Kareena asks goon to drive fast. Payal asks goons to give her water and says she is thirsty. She recalls her bad behavior towards Mahi and feels bad. She recalls Satya saving her and thinks this is her end.


Jamai Raja 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Satya and Mahi are running. Goon informs Kareena that Payal’s time bomb is going to blast soon. Kareena informs Satya through mic to return, else Payal’s bomb will explode. Satya and Mahi are shocked.

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