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Jamai Raja 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Jamai Raja 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Jamai Raja 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

The Episode starts with Payal making Mahi have medicine with milk. Mahi refuses to have milk. Payal says it is for baby and says I will love this baby very much. Mahi takes tablet with milk and says I am getting insecurity with this baby, as everyone is loving this baby, but you loves me more. Payal gets teary eyes and says I couldn’t give you love, don’t know what had happened to me, I was blinded by property. Mahi hugs her and says you are my mom and I am your daughter. Don’t think anything. Payal asks her to finish all milk. Satya comes and calls her. Mahi says what happened to him. Satya brings toys and keeps in hall. Mahi and Payal are getting down the stairs. Everyone look at Mahi. Payal and others smile. Satya makes Mahi sit on sofa…..Everyone start dancing on the song Mahi Ve….Satya sings the song…Mahi claps and enjoys their dance. Satya and Mahi dance together. Mahi feels dizzy because of medicine affect (which Kareena changed) and falls down unconscious. Everyone get worried and take her to hospital.

In the hospital, Satya asks Anupama to call doctor. Satya takes her to ward and calls Doctor. He rubs her hand. Raj prays to God and asks him to make Mahi fine…..Tu Palanhare plays. Satya is with Mahi in the hospital. Doctor checks Mahi….Everyone pray for Mahi and her baby. Raj asks Satya not to lose hope and says nothing will happen to Mahi. She will be alright. Anupama asks God to make her fine. Payal is equally worried for Mahi. Doctor comes out and asks Payal where is Satya? I need to talk urgently. Payal asks what happened to Mahi, tell me. Anupama goes to call Satya. Payal asks what has happened to her. Doctor takes Payal to ward. Payal cries and asks Doctor what happened to her. Doctor makes sad face. Mahi sits and asks what is the matter. She asks if my husband is fine? Doctor says once your husband come, we will talk. Mahi says I am this baby’s mum, tell me. Doctor tells that she has an internal bleeding and that she is carrying twins. She says if you carry these babies, then you may not survive. She says I advice you to abort the babies, and says may be you can’t get pregnant again.

Anupama comes to Satya and says Doctor asked him to come. Payal says what happened to Mahi? She was fine. She says nothing will happen to her. Mahi says I can’t abort this child, as Satya’s dreams are related with the baby. I can’t be selfish and am ready to take the risk. She gives promise to Payal and asks her not to tell anything to Satya or anyone. Payal cries. Mahi requests Doctor not to tell anyone. Satya comes there and asks Mahi if she is fine. He asks her what you are hiding from me. Mahi says I…….Satya asks what? Mahi says there is a surprise for you. She says we are having twins…Satya smiles and hugs her. Anupama comes and asks if everything is fine. Satya tells her that Mahi is pregnant with twins. Anupama congrats them. Mahi is teary eyes hugging him.

Satya orders blue and purple cribs for his babies. Mahi says you did good. She asks him to read baby care books. Satya says we will learn by ourselves once babies are born. He says I want to love you very much, as once babies come, I will go on a third position. Mahi says even I want to love you very much, don’t know what happen in future. She says she can’t handle the happiness. Satya asks her to enjoy this time until babies are born. Mahi recalls what Doctor said and gets sad. Satya brings good and asks her to eat. He says breakfast will reach you every morning just take care of my babies. Payal thinks if I shall tell everything to Satya.


Jamai Raja 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satya knocks on the door and asks Payal why Mahi has closed the door and shouting strangely. Payal says it is a mood swings. Satya says why I am feeling that you know something which I don’t know. He sees reports and is shocked.

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