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Jamai Raja 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Kareena asking Anupama to find out where is Satya and Mahi. Anupama says I don’t have microscopic eyes. Kareena orders her to know. Kareena calls Satya and asks Krutika why a husband leave his wife like this. Krutika asks her to take rest and go to room. Kareena gets angry and pushes her. Krutika is shocked. Kareena says how can I rest when my husband is away. Satya comes there, and says Mahi….Kareena says are you alright? Why you always talk about that servant, and asks him to say something. Mahi comes there and acts childish. Kareena asks what happened to this maid. If she has gone mad? Mahi says you called me mad and bites Kareena. Kareena shouts. Anupama calls her mad. Mahi goes towards her to bite her and says you will become my doll. Doctor gives her injection and says she will be fine in sometime. Satya thanks him. Krutika asks what happened to her? Anupama says I am thinking to go to my Anand or some orphanage. Kareena asks him to say what happened to her.

Satya is teary eyes…and tells that he got a call from a stranger who informed him that Mahi met with an accident. He says when I reached there, Mahi’s condition was bad and when she gained consciousness, she was behaving strangely. Doctor said that she got hurt on her head and she lost her mental balance. He says she is not the Mahi which we know. Kareena says what nonsense, I will throw this servant today itself. Police comes there and asks who is Kareena? Kareena says I am Kareena. Inspector says we came to know that you had kicked her out before the accident. Kareena says no. Inspector says it is now a police case, and until the case proceedings is done, she will stay here in this house. Kareena says okay, I will take care of her.

Krutika asks Satya what is happening with him. Satya says we have to have trust on God. Krutika says yes, I will go to temple and pray for Mahi. She says she will keep Puja at home. She leaves. Mahi gets up and hugs Satya. She says you have done a good acting. Satya says we have to act to catch Kareena and Anupama. A fb is shown, Mahi and Satya see Kareena and Anupama talking and making plan. Fb ends. Satya tells that they have to catch them red handed. Mahi says how we will catch them. Satya says now she can’t harm us. Kareena comes there. Mahi pretends to sleep on Satya’s lap. Satya says she is not leaving me. Kareena is irked and comes back to room. She tells Anupama that mahi is acting and asks her to plan some plan to expose her. Anupama says she has pulled my hairs so badly and refuses to help her. Kareena threatens her. Anupama agrees.

Krutika is doing puja at home. Anupama asks her to stop puja and says she came with some tantrik baba. Satya comes and asks what nonsense? Anupama says this baba will treat Mahi. Shabnam supports her and tries to convince Satya. Raj says puja was going on. Mahi gets tensed. Anupama tells Krutika that she is their well wisher and emotionally blackmails her. Krutika says may be she is right, as Mahi is our responsibility. She tells Satya that they shall try once. Mahi refuses and says I won’t let anything do, I have no soul in me.

Anupama asks fake tantrik to start his work. She tells Kareena that he is doing over acting. She tells that Baba will make the place smoky and then keep coal in her hand. Kareena smiles. Anupama asks Mahi to give her hand to Baba. Mahi refuses and cries. Tantrik makes the place smoky and puts coal on Anupama’s hand instead of Mahi. Anupama shouts and says my hand is burnt. Who called this mad baba here, and says I have brought him. Satya signs Mahi that he has exchanged her hand and kisses on her forehead. Mahi thanks Satya for saving her hand and changing it with that of Anupama’s hand at right time. Satya smiles. Anupama cares for her burnt hand and says I will not be a part of any plan. Kareena says Satya has saved Mahi today, but we have to think of other plan. She scolds her and asks can’t you handle your hand. Anupama says I tried to make Mahi’s hand forward. Kareena says she will do something which they haven’t thought about.

Jamai Raja 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Anupama puts open electricity wire in the water tub kept near Raj. Kareena asks Mahi to play with rocket. Mahi finds the wire and gets tensed.

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