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Jamai Raja 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Mitul bringing water for Raj’s foot massage. Kareena asks her to bring some freshners from her room. Mitul goes. Kareena asks Anupama to put the electricity open wire in the water. She puts it secretly and sits on sofa pretending to be reading newspaper. Mahi comes there and acts to play childish. Kareena gives her paper rocket and asks her to play. Mahi sees open wire in the water and thinks how to save Raj. Kareena and Anupama wait for Mahi to react and expose herself. Mahi sees Satya coming and throws paper rocket on Anupama’s hairs just as Raj is about to step his foot in water. Satya sees wire in the water. Mahi runs to Anupama to take the paper rocket. Anupama runs and falls in the water current. She feels current. Satya scolds Servant and asks Mahi to go and play upstairs. He asks Kareena why did she give paper rocket to her. Satya tells Mahi that today she has saved Raj somehow, and tells that he will learn the game. Mahi says they have a doubt that I am fine. Satya tells that they will think steps beyond them. Anupama folds her hands and tells Kareena that she can’t help her. Kareena calls her coward and asks her to listen to her. She says I am going out and asks her to come secretly. Anupama says okay. Kareena tells Krutika that she is going for shopping. Krutika says okay. Anupama comes and says she is going to doctor for her check up. Krutika says I will also come. Anupama says no, stay with Raj.

Kareena and Anupama meet Sheikh outside a hotel. Kareena says we shall not waste time in doing deal. Sheikh says even he don’t want to waste time. Kareena tells something. Satya and Mahi see them secretly and record them. Kareena sees Satya and Mahi following them and asks Sheikh to go. He goes. Kareena asks Anupama to go, and says she will also go from other side. Satya asks Mahi to follow Anupama while he follows Kareena. Anupama takes auto. Mahi sees her going in auto and takes another auto to catch her.

Krutika gets a call asking her to come to office. She says okay, I will come. Mitul gets a call informing her that her bank account is having problem. She gets worried and says I will come to Bank now itself. Satya misses following Kareena. He mistakes someone else to be Kareena and follows her. Anupama comes back home. Mahi thinks to call Satya and tells that she reached home following Anupama. Satya says Kareena went somewhere. Anupama hit Mahi on her head. Her phone falls down and breaks. Satya is shocked. Raj is shocked. Kareena comes there and asks Anupama to tie her. She calls Sheikh and says deal will happen today, as right girl is found. Mahi gets shocked hearing that they are about to sell her.

Mahi says my Satya will come and save me, then you will know. Kareena says you are playing game with me, if you would have gone, then this wouldn’t have happened. She asks Anupama to take her to godown and tells that she will get many lovers in Dubai for her white complexion. Mahi is shocked and calls Raj, Krutika. Raj tries to walk down the stairs. Kareena makes her smell chloroform. She faints. Raj couldn’t do anything. Satya comes home and is fallen on the floor. He asks how did this happen? Raj asks him to save Mahi.

Jamai Raja 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Kareena tells Satya that Mahi is in her custody and asks him to marry her now itself to save Mahi else get ready to lose her forever. Satya is shocked.

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