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Jamai Raja 7th February 2017 Written Update


Jamai Raja 7th February 2017 Written Update and Jamai Raja 7th February 2017 Watch Online

The Episode starts with Anupama meeting Kareena secretly in the temple. Kareena asks her to do as she planned. Krutika comes and sees Anupama talking to someone, but couldn’t see Kareena’s face. She says mummy ji. Anupama pushes Kareena inside and comes to Krutika, asking if her puja is finished. Krutika says yes. Anupama says she has done her puja, rubs nose on God’s feet and apologizes. She says she has tied mannat thread and did a mannat too. Krutika says you did right. Anupama tells that she has done a mannat and thought Satya and Mahi shall go outside until Kareena is caught. Krutika says may be you are saying right and thanks her for thinking about them. Anupama says I want to save this house from bad sight. Kareena is hiding there and hears them.

Mahi recalls the kidnapping trauma in her sleep and asks goons to leave her. She wakes up and shouts Satya. Satya and others come there and asks what happened? Mahi hugs him and says I couldn’t forget that. Anupama smiles. Satya says I am with you, and you are in your house, nothing will happen. Anupama signs Krutika. Krutika gives tickets to Satya. Satya says hongkong tickets. Krutika says Mahi is in trauma and asks him to take her out for few days and spent time with her. She says until Kareena is caught, there will be danger to your life. Raj comes and says your Bua is saying right. Satya says how can we go? Krutika asks him not to worry and says even Dad wants this, and says boy guards will protect them. Satya asks why body guards. Krutika orders him to go and get ready. Satya says okay.

Mahi and Satya are leaving for airport. Mahi says so many bodyguards. Krutika says they will stay with you. Satya asks Anupama not to be naughty and be a good girl. Anupama smiles. Krutika says Karan… Mahi asks everyone to take care and says now we will leave. Krutika asks them to call her on reaching airport. Anupama messages Kareena that stuff have left from here and now everything is in her hands.

Satya and Mahi are in the car while body guard is driving the car. Satya says if these bodyguards stay with us then how we will get close. He says they will look at us wherever we go. Body guard asks what happened? Satya says nothing. Mahi says we will eloped betraying them. Satya says really? Mahi laughs. She gets Krutika’s call and tells that they will reach airport in 10 mins. Krutika says okay. A lorry is seen coming from the opposite side and is about to hit Satya’s car. Satya sees the lorry and asks guard/driver to drive properly. Their car meets with a preplanned accident. Krutika hears the shout. Anupama tells Krutika that nothing will happen and says she did mannat. Mitul worries for Mahi and Satya. Anupama thinks what Kareena is going to do with them. Krutika gets a call informing her that Satya and Mahi met with an accident and cries. Raj asks Krutika to take him to hospital. They leave.

In the hospital, Satya gains consciousness and looks out for Mahi. He gets up and tries to go. Doctor asks her to sit. Satya asks where is my Mahi. Krutika asks where is my Bahu? Doctor tells that he is under observation because of head injury, and tells that Mahi is shifted to ICU from operation theatre and is now on life support system. Satya is shocked and says nothing can happen to my Mahi. Doctor tells that they have operated on Mahi, but there was an internal bleeding and it should be stopped. Mitul asks Satya to have patience and says Mahi will be fine. Anupama goes to call Kareena and wonders where is she? She thinks if Mahi is saved then Kareena’s plan will be ruined.

Raj lights the temple diya and prays to God. He says that day you had snatched Sid and Roshni from us, I have never done anything wrong with anyone and asks why did you do wrong with me. Satya thinks I will not bend down infront of you God today. He says if anything happens to mahi today then it will be your defeat. They pray together. Kareena comes there in nurse dress. Satya turns, but couldn’t see her face. Kareena hides her face with a mask and goes past him. Satya asks Doctor how is Mahi? Doctor says her condition is critical and she is fighting between death. He asks them to pray. Satya says she will be fine. Everyone cries. Satya goes inside ICU…….A sad song Main Tere Qaabil Hun…….plays…….. He sits at her bedside and says Doctor met me outside and told that you are critical. He says I told Doctor that nothing can happen to my Mahi, and asks her to open her eyes and proves Doctor wrong. He says this dress and these machines don’t suit you. Nurse comes and asks him to sit outside. Satya says okay and is about to go.

Jamai Raja 8th February 2017 Written Update Precap :Kareena comes to ICU with the intention to kill Mahi and stops life supports system. Satya comes there and is shocked.

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