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Kaal Bhairav 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaal Bhairav 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav 13th November 2017 Episode Start With Manoj looking for the cameras. Shivgans begin the aarti. Minty looks for Manoj. He gets shocked and apologizes. He runs out of the temple and shuts doors. Minty shouts mumma and runs. Minty shouts to Manoj and cries. She sits near the door. Gauri and Namrata see Rahul and smile, while the celebrations go on. Gauri imagines Rahul and herself dancing as Krishna and Radha. Bole mohan mai hun sabka…..plays…. Namrata imagines Rahul and herself dancing.

Manoj leaves and thinks my life got saved, I m alive. He laughs. A truck hits him. Manoj dies in an accident. A dog is seen there. Indra’s wife looks for Minty. Minty hears her and shouts. Indra’s wife goes ahead. Rahul sees her and asks what happened. She asks where is Minty. He asks did she come here. She says Manoj got her here, they didn’t come back. He says Manoj is not a right man, he ran away seeing me. They look for Minty. Aditya looks on. Minty says I was trying to enter temple, why did you send Minty, I didn’t see Manoj, don’t know where did he take her. They hear Minty’s voice coming from temple. They run to the temple.

Rahul and Indra’s wife shout. Minty asks them to open the door. Rahul asks what shall I do, I will call pujari ji, I will talk to Gauri, she will convince pujari ji. Aditya comes and says no one will help you, their devotion will stop them from touching the door, none will break the rule, Namrata and I don’t hide anything from each other, I know everything about Rahul, don’t worry, your secret will be a secret, there is one way to save Minty’s life, we have to do something. He gets a stone and tries to break the lock. Rahul and Aditya try to break the door.

Indra’s wife says Minty’s voice is not coming, is she fine. They open the lock and get in. They see Minty unconscious. Minty says mumma. Aditya says we have to shut door fast, come. Everyone comes there. The man scolds Rahul. Aditya says girl was locked inside. The men catch Rahul and take him to Thakur. The man tells everyone what Rahul did. Rahul says how would I let the disaster happen. Thakur says disaster will happen now, why did you open the temple door, you know the rules, you opened the door of misfortune and problems for this village, Lord will not spare this village now, you are responsible for this, you insulted Lord, you have to die now.

Thakur asks Lakhan to beat Rahul. Aditya comes in between and says I m also responsible in this sin, I have also opened the door, I was also there. Thakur gets shocked. Aditya says I have helped Nandu. Rahul says no, he is lying, its not his mistake. Aditya says I m Thakur’s son, lying is not in my blood, I should also get punished. Thakur says right, punishment should be same. He asks Lakhan to beat Aditya. Lakhan gets back. Thakur himself beats them and asks why did you do this. They all look on. Thakur apologizes to Lord and prays for village.


Kaal Bhairav 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lakhan says I will ask Thakur for you. Gauri gets shocked. Rahul says I can’t help you.

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