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Kaal Bhairav 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaal Bhairav 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav 14th November 2017 Episode Start With Rahul’s Bhabhi doing aid to him. He asks Minty why did she go to temple. Minty says Manoj took me to utsav, I got scared when he asked me to go alone, I went after him and entered temple to look for him. He asks what did you see there. She says dhol was playing and bells were ringing. He asks her not to get scared. He says where did Manoj disappear. Minty goes to sleep. Rahul says everyone was busy in utsav, it means there was no one in temple, some villager is behind the incidents. She says Manoj gave me this file, he said Indra was working on this, check it. Rahul checks file.

Namrata does aid to Aditya. Bua asks him to apologize to Thakur. Thakur comes. He sees Aditya. Bua says Aditya wants to apologize. Thakur asks Aditya not to ruin their respect. Namrata says they saved a little girl’s life. Thakur says they risked everyone’s lives, what respect did he earn, he has to repent, he has to do havan and pray for the village. Its morning, Gauri prays for Rahul. Lakhan comes and says I will win dahi handi and ask for Gauri’s hand as reward, Thakur will fix their marriage, he doesn’t need to win her heart to marry her. She worries.

Gauri comes to Rahul’s house. He hides the papers. She gives lep and says I came at night also, where did you go. He says I went to doctor. She gives prasad and says I prayed for you, you fall in troubles often, everything will be fine now. He asks what’s the matter, you look sad. She tells about Lakhan. She says I m scared, if Lakhan wins dahi handi again… He says I don’t know dahi handi, I can’t help you, but I will pray for you. Thakur talks to pujari. Everyone gathers there. Gauri sees Rahul. Namrata asks for his welfare. He asks can we get anything by Thakur on breaking the handi. She says yes. He asks can a girl’s hand be asked as reward. She says yes, if you win, you will get anything you want. She smiles and asks for whom does he want to win. People get Lakhan on shoulders. Lakhan is sure to win. He goes for the dahi handi competition. The man says Thakur will give any reward to one who breaks this handi. Lakhan says I will break it like always, is there anyone who challenges me, who can fail me. Rahul says I challenge you. Gauri smiles. Lakhan makes fun of Rahul. Rahul asks Thakur will he get any reward if he breaks the matki. Thakur says you are not from this village, but I won’t snatch your chance, you will become of this village if you break matki, if you fail, you will be out of this village. Lakhan smiles. Rahul worries.


Kaal Bhairav 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lakhan and Rahul try to break Matki.

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