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Kaal Bhairav 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaal Bhairav 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav 15th November 2017 Episode Start With Rahul and Lakhan climbing the human pyramid. Lakhan tries to push Rahul. Rahul balances himself. Lakhan falls down. Gauri and Namrata smile. Rahul breaks the dahi handi. They all clap for him. The men dance. Thakur says you have completed the challenge, now I will fulfill my promise, ask what you want. Rahul sees Gauri and Namrata. They smile. He says I want one thing, I want to spend one night alone in the temple. They all get shocked. Thakur asks what did you say, say again. Rahul says I want to spend one night in temple. The man scolds him.

Lakhan says you are very stubborn, I will not leave you. Thakur stops Lakhan. Gauri asks Rahul to come to senses. Thakur asks do you know what you are asking, its not a prize, its death, you want to make fun of people’s devotion, don’t challenge Kaal Bhairav’s anger. Rahul says I just want to do his darshan. Thakur says you will be given death. Rahul asks is he refusing, its fine if he wants to deny his words. He says I will leave, next time keep your words, don’t make false promise, its good my illusion broke, I was thinking you will keep your promise, its all big talks. Lakhan says he made our village impure, beat him. Thakur stops him. He says I have always fulfilled promise, I just wanted to see if you are in senses or not.

He permits Rahul to spend the night in temple. He says doors will open the next day, whatever will happen in temple, just you will responsible for it. Rahul nods. The man says its Adharm, the village can suffer by Lord’s curse. Thakur says sarpanch ji, I never thought an outsider will take advantage of my promise, I will apologize to Lord and pray that just I get punished for this. He asks Rahul to come and get his prize. Gauri asks Rahul why is he doing this, his presence will be a hurdle for Shivgan. Namrata asks Rahul to try and understand. Rahul says you know I came here for darshan. He goes. Namrata worries and says how shall I stop him, Indra’s wife Preeti can stop him.

Rahul and everyone go to the temple. Aditya and Namrata come to Preeti’s house and find it locked. Namrata calls Preeti. She says I think Rahul did this planning and sent them. Aditya says how will Preeti bear this shock. Gauri asks Pujari to explain Rahul. Thakur says think you want life or death. Rahul says you can’t take this reward back. Thakur asks him to go. Rahul enters the temple. Everyone worry. Lakhan shuts the door. Namrata and Aditya come and see the door getting locked.

Thakur says we will open the door with sunrise, the aarti of Shivgan will begin in some time, Lord will know if aarti can happen in a human’s presence. They all look on. Gauri says I have to be here, villagers can pray for Lord, I will pray for Nandu’s life. Sun sets. Thakur goes to his car. He says I feel this guy is a fraud, he is not like he appears, he doesn’t want to show his truth, we should have stopped outsiders from coming to our village, do one thing, go to Rahul’s house and get his kundli, I want all the info. He leaves.

Gauri, Aditya and Namrata wait at the temple door. Gauri asks Lord to forgive Rahul. The villagers are at the ghat to do aarti. Thakur apologizes to Lord. They all see the aarti beginning in the temple. Thakur asks everyone to hear the aarti, Lord has forgiven them. They all chant Lord’s name. Thakur does the aarti. The aarti in temple stops. Thakur and everyone turn to see. Gauri and Namrata get worried for Rahul. The man says Lord’s aarti stopped, now Nandu will die, but Lord can get angry on us also. Gauri cries and prays. Namrata worries.


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