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Kaal Bhairav 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaal Bhairav 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav 2nd November 2017 Episode start With Rahul/Nandu asking Gauri why did she go to temple. She asks why did you follow me. She slips. She gets hurt. She holds him. He helps her. She leaves. Namrata comes to her brother and gets tea from him. He asks where are you going. She says tell dad I m going school, take care. He asks why. She says just like that, I worry for you, there is much tension in village, police is also coming, I have just one brother. He says why do we get scared, one who has thief in heart gets scared, take care. She leaves. He sees Indra’s wife and daughter. They shift to the village house. He goes to them and says I stay in that house, Indra…..I m sorry, whatever happened with him, Lord give his soul peace. She says no, Lord should give him justice, you all did wrong, till I know the truth, I won’t go anywhere.

Pujari does shuddikaran puja. Rahul looks around. He goes to the idol. Thakur’s man follows and asks him what is he doing here, just pujari can come near the idol. Rahul says I came to see the blood stain. Thakur asks who are you, from where did you come. Pujari says I kept him to clean temple. Thakur asks what’s your name. Pujari says he is Nandu. He asks Nandu to stay in temple room. He says deliver prasad at Namrata’s school. Rahul goes with Gauri. He sees Manoj on the way. He runs after Manoj. Manoj sees him and flees.
Rahul sees a bike there. He follows Manoj. He says why is Manoj running away, what is he hiding. He gets Indra’s diary there. He goes to Gauri. Gauri asks where did you run leaving me alone here. Rahul says I went to get food. They leave.

Its night, Rahul sees the temple. He recalls Indra. He sees his diary. Indra was possessive about his diary. Indra says I want to keep you away from the dangerous secrets about my project, I want you to be fine, I promise I will take care, you all are with me. Rahul says promise you will always take care, you are our life. They hug. FB ends. Rahul cries. He checks the diary. He sees Kaal Bhairav temple. He says he was researching on this temple, he had a doubt that something is wrong here. He sees Gauri written. He says it means Gauri was the last person whom he met before going to temple, why did she go behind the temple last night, is she hiding something. Rahul goes and keeps an eye on Gauri.

He sees Gauri going out somewhere. He hides and follows her. He gets shocked seeing Akshay’s dead body. Pujari asks who’s there. He sends the men to see. Rahul runs. The men say there is no one here. Rahul sees them gone. He says where did they go suddenly. Its morning, Rahul says I have to go close to them to hear their talk. He tries to hear pujari. He says they all are together, I have to find out where did pujari hide Akshay’s dead body. Sadhu looks at him. Namrata gets ready. Bua praises her beauty. Namrata compliments her back. They see police. Namrata goes out. She asks SP what is he doing. SP says I was coming to your house to investigate, we have doubt on some people related to temple. She says I know, you doubt on pujari and my dad, they can do anything for temple’s good. Rahul looks on. He throws a note for the police. SP reads pujari has hidden Akshay’s dead body.


Kaal Bhairav 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pujari opens the temple. SP comes to him and asks him about Akshay’s dead body.

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