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Kaal Bhairav 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Rahul Suspects Gauri And Namrata


Kaal Bhairav 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav 6th December 2017 Episode start with Rahul banging the doors and asking Gauri to open the door. Gauri says what will we do now, he got to know everything. Namrata opens the door. He gets shocked and pushes her. He says I thought Gauri is cheating me, then I thought Gauri can’t do this, as she is an innocent and devotional girl, but I have seen Gauri’s bad face today, she is behind those murders, why did Gauri snatch my brother. Gauri says no, I didn’t…. He asks her not to give an explanation, he has got an anklet and now he has seen her Kaal Bhairav avatar, which he has seen in the temple, will she still say she is innocent. He asks Namrata how can she support Gauri.

Namrata asks him to listen once. He says I don’t want to hear anything, you both cheated me on the name of friendship,I will expose your truth, justice will happen for my brother and all those innocent people. He holds Gauri’s hand. The men stop him and take him away. Rahil asks them to leave him. Rahul fights with them. Namrata stops them. She asks Rahul is he done, can she say something now. She says you have said right, I m part of all this, but its nothing like you are thinking, its just a practice for a play. Gauri says we have Kaal Bhairav utsav in village, we tell about his story in the play, I m his biggest devotee, so I play his role. Namrata says I m directing this play. She shows the script and asks him to believe. She says all these accessories is fake, you are trying to bring truth out, but don’t get blind that you doubt on us, you didn’t think about us, what will you tell you. Rahul gets shocked and leaves.

He sits crying. Namrata consoles him. Gauri looks on. He says I don’t understand what’s happening, my life was like an ordinary person, I had a happy life, my brother loved me more than dad and suddenly he left, everything changed, I thought I will get his culprits punished and then return to my normal life, this temple secret is making me mad, see I have doubted you both, who always supported and fought for me, what did I do, I doubted on you both, I got away from Preeti and Minty, now Preeti is also scared of the Lord, I m fed up. Namrata says you are right, you just take a break from this, forget everything, I m with you, just become old Rahul for some time, who has family and friends, Minty doesn’t stay well, Preeti can’t manage anything alone, she needs you, focus on her. He thanks her. She says I will always support you. He rests on her shoulder. Gauri cries seeing them.

Rahul surprises Preeti and Minty. He cooks food for them. Preeti smiles. He gives her fav oats. He says I have decided all my time is for you all, I will not think of temple now. She says I m getting much peace, when did you think this. He says yesterday night. She says you may not believe me, but its big thing, Minty’s health started getting fine since yesterday. He says my thinking, doubt and belief are with me, and yours thinking is with you, we won’t argue on this. They dine together and smile.

Rahul stops Gauri and apologizes for saying all that without thinking. She says you have hurt my emotions, we don’t have friendship between us, strangers don’t apologize to each other, move off my way. Its night, Namrata comes to meet Rahul and asks what’s this time to meet. He switches on the lights. She gets surprised seeing the decorations for her birthday. He says its your birthday after 5mins. She asks how do you know. He says I have left some spies after you. She laughs. He says you are my true friend, you always supported me, its my turn to make your birthday special, stay here. He gets the cake. She smiles. He plays the birthday song on his phone. He says I could just do this. She says its much. He says its 12 now and wishes her happy birthday. He lights the candles. She blows the candles and cuts the cake. He sings the birthday song.

She feeds the cake to him and says this is my best birthday. He says but its simple. She says this made me feel special, your smile is finally back, so I got my gift. He says this smile returned because of you, I have agreed to you. She says you did good, even dad didn’t celebrate birthday like this, he keeps havan and does charity, Aditya also gets some gift, but what you did is much special, thanks, I love you. She hugs him. They get shocked hearing a dog barking.

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