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Kaal Bhairav 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaal Bhairav 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav 7th November 2017 Episode start With Thakur’s man coming to give message. He says I got the news, Nandu ha filed complaint against pujari. Thakur asks how did you know. The man says I got to know this from Namrata. Thakur slaps and scolds him. He asks the man to call her Namrata ji. The man apologizes and says you can ask Aditya, he knows this. Thakur sees Aditya. He asks the man to find Nandu, he shouldn’t be saved. The man goes.

Rahul/Nandu hears the man finding him. He hides. The man looks for him. Nandu runs away. The men follow him. Thakur’s man asks him to stop. Rahil runs away. Thakur’s man comes to Gauri’s house and asks her about pujari ji. The man Lakhan flirts with Gauri. She asks him not to cross limits. He says your dad should agree once. He looks for Nandu. She sees the garlands moving. She beats him. She gets shocked seeing Nandu. She lies to her dad. She asks him what was he doing. He says I will tell later. He goes.

Rahul meets Namrata and says I will reach truth, I want to find Indra’s murder truth. She says I will tell your truth to everyone. He says everyone already knows. She says I didn’t tell anyone. He says you are lying. Thakur’s men beat Rahul and take him. They expose Rahul in front of villagers. They all beat Rahul. Bhabhi cries.

Rahul thinks to bear this for Indra. Thakur stops his men. He asks why did you come here, tell me. Namrata comes to rescue Rahul. She says he is not lying, I got all info about him. Lakhan asks how did he learn english. She says he worked in school, he didn’t do wrong, pujari got the dead body and complained to police, what wrong Nandu did if he helped police, even pujari ji would have done same. Pujari ji says its not his mistake, he is not a culprit. Thakur says he is our culprit, he tried to shake up our village foundation. He threatens Nandu. They all leave. Rahul sees Gauri. She goes. He asks her to stop. She says I did a lot for you, you played game with me, you acted to be in my sorrow, you cheated me, stay away from temple and my dad. She goes.

Rahul comes home. Namrata does the aid. She says you should thank me and do my aarti, I saved your life. He smiles. She says I should also say sorry and thanks, I doubted on you, thanks for finding truth and clearing the stain on temple. He asks friends. She holds his hand. They smile.

Its morning, Rahul says I can’t go temple, but I have to go and get the camera. Lakhan says Nandu can’t go inside temple today. Nandu looks around. He gets shocked seeing Thakur’s men.


Kaal Bhairav 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Rahul plays the video. They get shocked seeing it. Indra’s wife cries and asks is this true what people say about this temple.

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