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Kaal Bhairav 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Rahul Agrees To Test Gauri’s Devotion


Kaal Bhairav 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav 8th December 2017 Episode start with Minty waking up from sleep and crying. She tells her bad dream. Preeti checks her fever and worries. She gives her medicines. She hugs Minty and cries. Gauri sees Rahul and smiles. Muskurane ki wajah……plays…. Rahul and Gauri apologize to each other. He says our friendship shouldn’t suffer. She nods. He asks did any dog attack your mum. She asks why do you think Kaal Bhairav Shuvan did this. He says I also had such marks. She says Shuvan punishes only people who stay in temple at night, my parents are real devotees, why will he do this. He thinks.

Its morning, Namrata meets Rahul. She says Gauri would be saying right. He says maybe wild dog from tribals came here, no one knows this truth, I have to find out truth. She says it means you won’t stop playing with fire, you said you will stop this for some time, you will take care of Preeti and Minty. He says I know, but you have seen this, I ran away from truth but truth called me back, there is something which is asking me not to lose courage, I will find the temple secret, I have to find who attacked Kalavati. Sheru is locked up. Shakti scolds sarpanch for his mistake.

She says Rahul is sharp, if he understands everything, our game will be finished, the secret which we have hidden will come out. He nods. She asks him to understand what’s on stake. Rahul sits by Minty’s side. Preeti gets a box and says this will be with you as Indra’s sign. He asks why are you giving this to me. She says I have Minty with me, think Indra is with you, you won’t feel lonely. He says you both are with me. She says I m going to break my promise, I m leaving this village, see Minty’s state, she is having high fever, she gets bad dreams, you may not agree but I belief this is a punishment.

She says I decided we will go away, else Minty’s health will get worse. Gauri comes and says no need to go anywhere. She gets kada and says I have heard everything, you won’t leave, you think Minty got unwell because of temple, take her to Shambu’s ashram, he treats everyone, I have seen this myself, Kaal Bhairav doesn’t wish bad for anyone. She asks Rahul to come with her. She takes them. She gives the proof. He checks the note and a copper coin. He asks what’s written. She says dad lost all his savings in mum’s treatment, he has met his friend in temple during our tough phase. FB shows Pujari ji meeting his friend. His friend gives his daughter’s wedding card invitation and asks him to get Gauri married soon, before he dies. Gauri says dad was much worried for me. Pujari ji prays to Kaal Bhairav to help him. He gets a note from the Lord.

He tells his family about the message. He says Lord will be presenting a gold coin tomorrow, we have to keep a copper coin inside laddoo and keep for him. FB ends. Rahul says this is too much. Gauri says doubts and trust can’t stay together, I believe in Kaal Bhairav, Minty will get fine in ashram. He doesn’t agree and asks Preeti to come. She says doctors are not able to cure Minty, maybe she gets fine by belief, I want to see if copper coin changed to gold one, then I will believe Gauri and take Minty to ashram. He asks what are you saying, coin won’t change. Gauri asks him not to get scared, as she is also not scared. He says fine, one day, we shall see, your Lord wins or my doubt and thinking.


Kaal Bhairav 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pujari ji checks for the coin. He says copper coin, Lord didn’t listen to me, what’s this. He cries. Rahul hides and looks on.

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