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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti’s Plan Fails


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 13th December 2017 Episode start With the dog coming towards Rahul. Rahul throws some red chillies. Dog runs out of the temple. Rahul says this dog is also like ordinary ones, he is also scared of chillies. He tells the man that the dog has gone. He takes the man with him. Namrata tells the story of Lord Bhairav. Gauri comes as Lord Bhairav. She plays the role. Everyone sees the skit and smile. Shakti comes back. Thakur asks where did you go, I had to greet you. He smiles. She gets angry. Rahul asks the man not to worry and makes him sit. Namrata narrates the story further. Gauri dances and does tandav. The story goes ahead. Rahul gets his bag. He locks the temple.

Everyone claps when the play completes. Namrata says so this was the story of Kaal Bhairav, he is in our village, so we pray to him,Lord really exists here. Rahul asks the man who is he. The man says I m Yashpal, I reached inside the temple as I know the biggest secret of this village. Rahul asks which secret. Yashpal says you will know everything, I have to reach that play venue, I have to tell something imp to the villagers. Rahul says fine, you won’t tell anyone that I have saved you, else everyone will know I went inside the temple at night. Yashpal says don’t worry, I won’t become your enemy, your secret will always be a secret.

Sarpanch says we will do aarti of Gauri, who did Kaal Bhairav’s role, the one who does aarti will be regarded the temple head, Thakur has been the head till now, he will be doing the aarti today. Thakur goes to do the aarti. Shakti stops him. She says Thakur doesn’t deserve this respect. Namrata and Aditya look on. Thakur comes to Shakti. Shakti calls him a criminal. He worries.

She says I have a secret about Thakur, he tried to kidnap me, so that I don’t challenge him. Thakur says stop blaming me. Shakti taunts him. She tells everyone that he has killed his wife. Aditya asks what nonsense. Namrata scolds Shakti. Shakti says where there is truth, there is courage, ask your dad if this is a lie. Thakur says Namrata will never ask me by believing you. Shakti says fine, swear on Kaal Bhairav and tell me the truth. She says truth has a voice, silence is to cover the lie, just accept this, you have killed your wife.

Vaid says Thakur is respectable man, you are calling him a criminal, do you have a proof. She says I had the proof, Yashpal, he knew his truth, he has told me about his crime, I had kept him hidden, but he got to know this, he tried to kill us, I got saved, but he has killed Yashpal. Yashpal comes with Rahul. Yashpal says I m still alive. Thakur gets shocked. Shakti says maybe Lord wanted to get Thakur’s truth out, tell the truth. Yashpal says this blame on Thakur is false. Thakur and Shakti get shocked. Yashpal says Shakti tried to kill me, not Thakur. Everyone looks on. Shakti scolds Yashpal. Thakur says enough now, I will do the aarti of Lord. Thakur does the aarti. Everyone prays. Shakti stares at Yashpal.

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