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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Namrata Questions Thakur


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 14th December 2017 Episode Start With Shakti threatening sarpanch. She scolds him for cheating her and supporting Thakur. He tells her that he didn’t cheat her, Thakur didn’t tell her about Yashpal. She tells him that she will tell about Sheru to everyone. He begs her not to tell anyone. Lakhan apologizes to Thakur. He says I had left Yashpal in the temple, don’t know how did he come out. Thakur says there are many questions, who opened the temple, how did Yashpal come out of the temple, does he know the secret door like Shakti, why did he give statement in my favor. Yashpal comes to meet him. Lakhan scolds him. Thakur sends Lakhan out. Yashpal says you are still my old friend. Thakur asks what do you want. Yashpal says temple and laughs. He says what will I do by taking temple, you didn’t even hug your friend, I kept my friendship. Thakur says you are just greedy, tell me what do you want.

Yashpal says you are smart, you guess it. Thakur throws money and asks him to leave. Yashpal threatens him and goes. Namrata comes to Thakur and asks did Shakti say true. Thakur says you were there when Yashpal said the truth. She says dad didn’t swear on Lord, why, I want an answer. He says you are doubting on me. She says no, I want an answer, please swear on me and tell me the truth. He worries. He says I didn’t kill your mum. Aditya and Namrata smile.

Shakti tells Rahul that she supported him when the village was against him. Thakur asks the men who is cheating him, one of the is going against him. Sarpanch defends him. Shakti says Yashpal cheated me, you trust him and not me. Rahul says I remember everything, but I know everyone is dual faced here, I can’t trust anyone. Thakur threatens everyone to know the culprit.

Sarpanch comes to Shakti and asks her to save him from Thakur. She says Yashpal cheated me, the village got against me, there should be someone on my side. Rahul says I can’t believe anyone, neither Shakti nor Yashpal, where did that dog disappear, I have seen such dog in the tribe, if the dog is same, he would have returned to the tribe. Rahul goes to the jungle. He hears the dog barking. He goes and sees the tribals having the dog. Dog barks. Tribal man asks dog to calm down. Rahul hides. He thinks maybe this is same dog.

Its night, Rahul goes to the temple. He opens the lock and enters the temple. He says people belief that its Kaal Bhairav’s shuvaan here, how can shuvaan kill people, he killed my brother, then Akshay, he attacked Kalavati too, its good I reached there on time and saved her, but not now, these poisonous biscuits will be that dog’s real test, if he survives eating this, then it will be proved he is really a shuvaan, else just an ordinary dog. He throws the biscuits around and says my doubt will get cleared tomorrow morning. Its morning, Rahul rings the bell and calls everyone out. Everyone comes to him. Rahul says its time to wake up from sleep, you all will get answers in the temple. Pujari says its not time to open the temple. Rahul says its morning, open the temple door, come. Lakhan says I have to inform Thakur. Pujari opens the temple. They all enter the temple and get shocked seeing the dog dead. Rahul looks on.

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