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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 18th December 2017 Episode Start With Shakti asking sarpanch about the shuvaan. Sarpanch says it was a miracle, but I m feeling scared now. She asks why, you didn’t kill shuvaan. He says we are from same village, we can face Kaal Bhairav anger. Aditya and Namrata see Thakur and leave. Lakhan says Lord has slapped Rahul. Thakur gets thinking. Lakhan asks how is Rahul still alive. He sees Thakur’s anger and gets away. Thakur says what’s destined to happen will happen.

Rahul comes to the temple and says there would be something that can help me. He checks the door well. He doesn’t get anything there. He goes to the dog’s grave to find some clue. He says I was here all day, how can this happen, how did the dog come out, even if I believe he got saved by poison, but he would have died staying nder the soil, is this a miracle or any other puzzle, or maybe the dog is someone else, the dead body can be inside, I will dig and see. He digs the place.

Preeti waits for Rahul. She gets worried. She asks a lady to take care of Minty. She goes. Shambu kaka looks on. Rahul digs the grave and says the dog’s dead body isn’t here, it means the dog is the same, how can this happen. He checks well. Someone throws sand at him. He turns and sees Thakur and Lakhan. Lakhan puts the soil in. Rahul asks what’s this bad behavior. Thakur says we have explained you well, think your time got over from this village and world too, we will think Lord has sent us to kill you. He asks Lakhan to bury Rahul alive.

Rahul fights with Lakhan. Thakur and Lakhan beat him up. Rahul falls down in the grave. Lakhan puts the soil in the grave. Preeti comes to Gauri and pujari ji. She cries and says Rahul is nowhere. Pujari says don’t worry, we will find him. Lakhan levels the ground. Thakur asks Lakhan to keep an eye on Rahul, he shouldn’t come out. Everyone tries to find Rahul. They come near the temple. Preeti says he was here when I left. Gauri says there is one place left, we will check behind the temple. They look for Rahul. Lakhan sits near the grave and calls Vaid to congratulate him. He says Rahul is gone, no one will try to know temple secret now. Arjun says I have come to find Rahul. He calls Rahul. Gauri prays for Rahul. She apologizes to Lord as Rahul challenged his power. She asks him to forgive Rahul and protect him.

Namrata asks Aditya to wake up, Rahul is missing, everyone is finding him. She says I m scared, did any villager…. He says no, dad asked everyone not to hurt him. She says where can he do. He says don’t worry, we will find him. They leave. She says he never tells anyone where he goes. Thakur looks on. Namrata calls Rahul. She says his phone is not connecting. Lakhan sits guarding the grave. Preeti, Gauri and pujari ji come to him and ask for Rahul. Lakhan says I have seen Rahul near the temple, look in this pit, or inside the temple, he is around, check the trees. He jokes and laughs. Lakhan says Thakur asked me to guard this pure place. They all leave. Lakhan says you will be just finding him.


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shakti says everyone knows who got tensed by Rahul’s question, you have ended the game, tell me Thakur, where did you throw Rahul after killing him.

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