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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update

Gauri Exposes Namrata


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 21st March 2018 Episode Start With  Namrata saying this is Garudi’s husband. Rahul asks him to give shivling. Aghori refuses and runs. Rahul stops him. Aghori says this shivling is Shiv’s deposit, I want to place this in temple. She says we are also from Siddhpur, we also want to keep shivlings in temple. She convinces him to come. Rahul says I have to inform Gauri, my phone is not working. She makes an excuse and says we will call Gauri at out place once we keep this shivling. Gauri greets Thakur and asks Lakhan to come for shopping. Thakur gives his gold chain and says sell this if you need money. Lakhan says no, when will this come to use. Thakur stops him and gives the chain. Gauri and Lakhan check clothes. Lakhan thanks her for everything. He apologizes to her for the past mistakes.

She asks him does Thakur wear such clothes. He says yes, we have to see size. He sees Latika there and thinks of her. He hides his face. Gauri asks what happened. He asks her to see Latika outside. She sees Latika and says she isn’t finding us, she is after someone else, now I will go after her, you go back to hotel, maybe I can find Rahul and Namrata. Lakhan says she is dangerous. Gauri says I m no less, you go. He thinks how Gauri has beaten him before and thinks you are also no less. Namrata gets Rahul somewhere and says this is my friend’s house, she stays abroad. He asks her to charge her phone, he has to talk to Gauri. She thinks Gauri will tell him about me. Latika is on the way and calls Namrata. Gauri takes lift from someone and follows her.

Namrata sees Rahul and hides. He asks her to get phone, he has to talk to Gauri. He sees the shivling shining and gets shocked. He hears Namrata shouting and runs to see her. She hits on his head. He faints down. Aghori baba comes there and sees her with the hockey stick. She stares at him. She says this man is our enemy, I heard him talking to someone, he was planning to run with shivlings by killing us, so I have done all this, don’t know how many people are such fraud, you came with me on one saying, you didn’t get scared. He says I have shivling and magic of my knowledge, why will I be scared. She says he could have killed you. He says I can control his thinking in a moment, I would make him do anything I want.

Latika reaches there. She enters the house and sees Namrata with Aghori. She asks who’s this man. Namrata asks her to sit quiet. Aghori asks Namrata to wear a locket and put her hand on Rahul’s head while chanting a mantra by which his mind will get in her control, he will forget his identity completely and just believe her. Namrata smiles. He says but be careful, this effect will be just for one day, you have to do this again next day, he will be in your control till you do this, the day you miss this, he will be free of your control completely, you have to wear this locket always in your neck. She nods. He tells her the mantra. She asks can I do this now. He says yes. Latika stops Namrata and takes the locket. She beats Aghori. He faints. Latika asks Namrata did she go mad, Thakur can bring their truth out, pack bags and leave.

Latika takes her. Namrata slaps her and scolds. Gauri comes there and hears them. Namrata says just think if I can control Rahul’s thinking by one shivling, what can I do by all shivlings, don’t do this again, where is the chain. She gets the chain and wears its. Gauri worries and tries to get it. Namrata chants mantra. Latika says remove the chain, I won’t let my work hard get waste, come with me. She throws the chain again. Namrata angrily beats her. She says I didn’t leave my brother and dad, you didn’t do my work, you think I will leave you. Gauri claps and says you are accepting your truth yourself. Rahul gets up. Gauri asks him to see Namrata, she is real master ji, she has done all the crimes, she killed her brother and many people, its good you heard her truth. He gets shocked. Namrata worries.


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Rahul takes a knife and throws at someone…..

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