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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 24th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Thakur Suspects Latika


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 24th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 24th March 2018 Epsidoe Start With Gauri and others reaching the village and asking people about shivling. The man says we don’t have shivling, please let us go. Thakur says we will also come with you to ashram. Latika sys I will get the car. She goes. Aghori, Rahul and fake Rudra come there. Aghori says we can find those shivlings by this shivling’s power. He sits and does a puja. The yellow smoke goes towards the ashram. Aghori says its in the ashram.

Shambu sees the people in the ashram. He gives shivlings to a man and gives a note. The man reads it, this shivling is Lord’s deposit, just take this along, shivling will make their own way. Shambu goes. Thakur gets a call and says I didn’t give this number to anyone, who is it. Namrata says you did wrong to not tell about your new number to me.

He asks how do you know this. She says I know everything, you should ask me about Yashpal, how will you get saved from him, I informed Yashpal about your location, he will be catching you all, you will run and those two shivlings will reach to me, don’t worry, just run and save your life. He gets angry.

Thakur says Namrata knows about this and sent Yashpal after us, before he comes, we should leave. Lakhan asks how did she know. Latika comes and asks them to sit in car, police is after us. Lakhan says Latika has done this, I will not leave you. Gauri says sit in the car. They all reach ashram and see the police. Thakur says we will go and get shivling. Gauri shows Rahul…. Latika says he is Namrata’s slave now. Rudra asks Rahul didn’t he recognize his friend Yashpal. He feels strange. Namrata asks Rahul to do his work, its time. Rahul drops a capsule and spreads the smoke.

Thakur says smoke can be poisonous, be careful, come. Rahul leaves with the shivlings. Yashpal points gun at Thakur. He arrests them. Latika asks them to sit fast. They leave in the car. Yashpal follows them in the jeep. Rahul gets shivlings to Namrata. She hugs him and says we will soon get all shivlings, and then no one can stop me in this world. Aghori turns. She says I mean to place shivlings in the temple. Thakur catches Latika. She says I didn’t tell Namrata. Gauri asks him to leave Gauri. He says she will always be with Namrata. He pushes Gauri. She falls down and faints.

Thakur says Namrata sends police after us and you save us in time, you both are playing game with us. He takes her phone and locks her in the room. Lakhan says Gauri fainted. Thakur worried. Gauri gets another dream of shivling. A lady invites people for Shivpuja. Gauri wakes up. Thakur gives her water. Gauri says some woman has shivling. He says we did good to take you away from Latika, now she can’t know this, tell us what have you see. She tells them the location. He says just we three know this, we will go there and get shivlings, come. They reach the place.

Thakur asks a man about Mahabhoj. The man says yes, its going on here, the lady got a lottery, she is feeding many people, its a miracle. Thakur says that lady has that shivling, come. Gauri says Latika is with us, she is against Namrata. Thakur says we will know in some time, we didn’t tell Latika about your dream, Namrata and police won’t be here, come. The lady gives food to people. Thakur greets the lady. The lady asks them to do puja and take prasad, everyone has to take charity, come. Thakur asks was the woman same. Gauri says yes, I have seen her in dream. They go inside and get shocked seeing Rahul and Rudra.


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Seth ji says some fraud is staying with us as Rudra. Namrata asks Rahul to kill that fake Rudra.

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