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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Garudi Cures Her Husband


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 9th March 2018 Episode starts with the ladt tantric Garudi using the power of nine shivlings and curing her ill husband. Narendra shows the elements found in the shivlings, which are mixed with soil to prepare a medicine. He says we will use this on Preeti first, if this works, we will find the ultimate cure. The ill man gets happy seeing himself recovering. Narendra asks Rahul to trust him. He injects Preeti. She gets a fit. Rahul asks what’s happening. Preeti falls dead. Narendra worries. Rahul gets shocked and asks him to check her.

Garudi sees her husband getting fine and smiles. He gets up. Preeti wakes up. Narendra gets shocked. Rahul holds her. Preeti says whatever is happening in the village is because of us, we shouldn’t have come here to take revenge of Indra’s death, Lord will not forgive us, we have to make this fine. Rahul says yes, I understand, calm down. Narendra says just relax, take a deep breath. She falls back. Nurse says BP is sinking. Narendra worries. Preeti faints. Garudi says its been 20 years, welcome to this world once again. She sees the ring in his hand and says you were right, this shivling has divya powers, you taught me everything and I made you fine, you are my Guru. He lies back.

Rahul says do something. Narendra says maybe my dose was less, did you notice one thing, the medicine worked on her, she got conscious, it means our test passed, we need chemicals from other eight shivlings. Rahul says I won’t let this stay incomplete, I will get the shivlings back at any cost, I will rectify my mistake and save Preeti.

Garudi’s husband says you should have not done this, you should use your teachings right. She says everyone has different meaning of right and wrong, you were ill for 20 years, we lost our home, they kicked us out of village, I didn’t forget anything, they insulted me, now they have to worship me as Lord, else I will ruin them. Gauri and Namrata sit in the car. Namrata says its imp to find shivling, from where shall we start it now. Gauri recalls her dream of Garudi. She says yes I have seen a dream, a bad woman was misusing the shivlings, I regret it was happening in the presence of shivlings. Namrata asks where was this happening, tell me. Gauri says I don’t know that village, it was away from our village. Namrata checks on net to find that village. Gauri says yes, I have seen a hot water kund near a temple.

Namrata finds it. She says we will find the shivlings. She thinks to get rid of Gauri once she gets nine shivlings. Thakur throws water on Lakhan and wakes him up. Lakhan gets glad seeing him back on feet. Thakur says Namrata…. He falls down. Lakhan makes him lie on the bed and says open your eyes, what do you want to say. Thakur faints. Lakhan says Thakur will recover, he is getting better, he said Namrata, but don’t know what he wants to say. Namrata and Gauri try to find the village. A girl keeps a watch on them. She blocks their way. Namrata looks on.


Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap :Lakhan tells Namrata that Thakur is with him, he is getting better and took her name too. She worries.

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