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Kaala Teeka 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Scene 1
Thakur comes near river. He says to Mahant I have played this game so many times. I will be alive and naian will die. They both come near river. Everyone is worried for Naina. They hands are tied behind their backs.
They walk in the river. Badki comes to pavitra. She says please save Naina didi God. THis is the test of your powers. If something happens her i will never lit a candle here again.
Thakur and Naina can’t break the rope.
Mahant says today this chapter will be over. He says in heart thakur your rope wont’ open. Cause I tied it that tightly. I will be the new thakur of this village. He smirks.
Thakur breaks the rope inside and comes out of water. Mahant is dazed. Krishan jumps in the water. Naina is fainting. He picks her up. Krishna gives her mouth to mouth ressurection inside water. Naina opens her eyes. He takes her outside waters and hides himself.
Dimpy says Naina came out as well.
Bablo says to Krishna is someone gets to know you saved naina they will be so mad. Krishna says no one will know. Mai says chutki is conscious now.
Mahant and Thakur are dazed. Mahant says what if that chutki tells someone.

Badki hugs Chutki and says thank God you are well now. We were so worried. Naina says tell everyone what you saw there. Mai says she is conscious but she can’t speak. Badki says that can’t happen. Naina says this is all my mistake. I will take care of her treatment. You all are in trouble because of me. I am going from here. Mai hints Badki to tell her badki says no Naina says I am leaving.

Scene 2
Krishna is upset. Chubs says we should never have come here in first place. Naian is in tears. They sit in the van. Badki says in heart please forgive your sister. Mai says why don’t you tell her truth. Badki says she should never. She should go from here that’s better for her. Mai says maybe God has something else decided. Maybe God wants to tell her as well just like he told you. Badki says really? God know everything. He has to do something and soon. Give me blessings, Mai says for what?

They sit in the van to leave. The van stops suddenly. Naina falls on Krishna. His chain gets stuck in her hair. He says my chain doesn’t want you to do. The roads are broken here. Naina says where we are going that roads are more. She says bablo move towards jungle. Dimpy says but why? Naina says I wont let that happent to badki. Chubs says no you have tried enoough. How can you save her if she doesn’t want to save herself? Dimpy says who is she to you? Naina says no one. But after meeting her I feel peace within me. I am doing something else besides looking for pavitra in so many years. There are three days left and I have to save badki.

Thakur says to Mahant no one will trust that Naina here. Badki rings doorbells. She comes in. Badki says I came here with a request. I know that I will be gone to ashram in three days. I want to ask if you can send me there today? Thakur says why? She says I can’t tell you the reaso.


Kaala Teeka 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Mai is shocked. Pavitra says Naina is my sistedr. If she gets to know this truth she won’t let me go to ashram.

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