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Kaala Teeka 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Naina says will you come with me to city? No right? Pavitra says I agree. I will go. THakurain says what are you saying? Will you leave Krishna? You were just married now. Pavitra says for village’s better I was ready to go to other side of the village. This time its about my sister and I have to do this for her. Mai says will you leave me as well? Pavitra says you raised me like a daughter? A daughter has to leave mom’s house.
Naina says when Chubs and Dimpy come we will go to city.

Thakur’s men find Chubs and others before Krishna reaches there. They abduct them again. Krishna reaches there. He sees them taking the three. He calls Naina and tells her he saw them taking chubs and others.
Krishan goes after the car of kidnappers. Krishan stops his bike in front of them. The thugs beat Krishna. Naina and Pavitra reach there and beat the thugs with Krishna. One of them points gun at Chubs and says stop or I will shoot. Naina hits his head with rod. The thugs run. They all hug each other.
Chutki says I thought I would never meet you. Chubs says we were so scared. We got to know what happened here. I was so worried for you. DImpy says has Pavitra married Krishan? Krishan says lets go to. A nail stabs in Pavitra’s foot. Krisha sits down and plucks it out. He takes her home.

Scene 2
Thakur is mad, he says they have ruined my game again. That naina can’t still tell police because she wants divorce. I won’t release her though.
They all come home. Naina says to Pavitra we will leave. Krishna says where are you going Pavitra? Mai says she has decided to go with Naina. Krishan says is that true? Naina says yes. she will come to city with me. Krishna says you can’t do this. You are my wife. I won’t let you go. You chose your sister over me.
Naina says you have to decide Pavitra. Paivtra is in tears.

Chubs and mai talk about the distance between naina and pavitra. Mai says I talked to Naina. But her pain is too deep. Chubs says she is hurt. She loved krishan.

Krishan says to Pavitra we married in a wrong time but our marriage is true. You are my wife now. When I got to know you I fell in love with my wife. Don’t you love me? Please say that you dont’ wanna leave me. Your silence says that you love me. Pavitra says I don’t love you. She leaves. Krishna says I won’t let you go. I will talk to Naina.
Krishan comes to Niana. He says the only witness of our marriage is God. I wanted to marry you and loved you. I came to temple waiting for you. but the bride, I was so happy. I thought it was you. When I got to know it was pavitra. I was so mad. I hated her for that. I was never gonna accept this marriage but then everything changed. Its not the formalities. Something compelled me towards her. Her sacrifice, her pure heart her efforts. I started liking pavitra and accepted this marriage. I beg you please don’t be mad. Forgive Pavitra please.
Thakur comes in clapping. He says my son made this story so well. It is his side. He doesn’t know the story of other side.
Pavitra decided before hand that she will marry Krishna. When she got to know he loves you, she got jealous. SHe planned this game to marry Krishna. Krishna says shut up. You can never understand how innocent pavitra is. Thakur says I know you won’t trust me. But I have proofs. Look at these property papers. Pavitra got them made as Krishna’s wife and that she has right on half of the property.
Naina says Pavitra did this. Krishan says he is bluffing us. Naina leaves in anger.


Kaala Teeka 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Thakur says you want signed divorce to be free. Naina signs them and says I am free to go. He says but I didn’t sign them.
I will sign if Krishna and Paivtra sign their divorce as well.

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