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Kaala Teeka 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 14th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Scene 1
Naina says to the guy can’t you see? Its the road. Her bus passes by. Naina runs after the bus but misses it. The guy laughs. He says you messed with Krishna you were punished by God. Now wait for the new bus. She sits on his bike and says you will chase that bus. He says I am not your servant. She says because of you I missed by bus. Take me to it or you will have to take me to Koshipur. He starts the bike.
Pavitra is running towards the road to warn naina. She sees the thugs going as they are looking for her. Pavitra says they shouldn’t reach before me. I should reach bus stop. She says you are driving so slow. Sit behind I will ride it. He says this is my bike. Naina says sit behind. She starts the bike. he holds naina. She starts the bike. She says I am sorry I didn’t know you didn’t sit properly. Pavitra is running in the jungle to reach bus stop before thugs. The thugs stop the bus. They look everywhere. Naina isn’t there. Dipmy is sleeping with her head covered. Pavitra tries to wake her up from outside the bus. They take cloth off from Chulbuli’s face. Pavitra says who is she? The thug says she isn’t in this bus. Other says but this is the only bus that omes here. Pavitra wonders where is naina.
Pavitra punctures their jeep’s tire. They come and sit in the bus. The thug says how did the tire puncture. Naina says I have to find Naian didi.

She asks a kaka to give her cycle. She says you can keep my earrings. Chulbuli wakes up and says Naina? Where is naina? Dimpy wake up. They both look for naina and get worried. Naina is on the bike. Pavitra is looking for Naina on cycle.
Krishna says to Naian why are you going to Koshipur? She says not your problem. He says you are taking my bike there. She says you care about your bike not people? There is a ritual in koshipur. They send girls somewhere far away, I have to stop that. Krishna says stop my bike.
Pavitra falls from cycle.
Naina says are you mad? He says people will kill you if you talk against their rituals. They have been believing in it for years. He says I heard a story in childhood. A crow went to owl and said I want to be like you make me owl too. I wanna stay up at night too. Got it? Become like people of villages. then tell them what you want to in their way. He says understand the value of my suggestion. Give me my bike back and you go back to city. She says I won’t go back to city. and take me to my bus. Because of you I missed it. Sit behind I will take your bike there. Krishna sees thugs coming. Naina sees them too. She is dazed. Krishan says you wanted to go to village they came here themselves. You handle them I don’t wanna be killed. SHe says I know you fear so much. The thugs come and stop the keep in front of them.
Pavitra is still looking for Naina. The thug says if you want to stay alive then go back. Don’t make fun of our rituals. You can’t enter our village. Naina says not even to apologize? I came back to apologize. To become part of it. My eyes are open now. The thug says what happened that your mind changed? Pavitra comes and says her faith is alive again.
Badki hugs Naina. Badki says now she understands what this ritual has given us. Naina says yes now I see how this ritual saved the village. Pavitra says let her come. Thug says she has changed so she can come to village now. They leave. Badki says do you actually believe in it? Naina says I wanted to spend this time with you that is why I came back to village.

Kaala Teeka 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahanj says to Badki Kajri’s chunri was left in the boat that is why it came back to village? Badki says how did you meet her?
Krishna says to naina villagers are stubborn people. Naina says so am I. I know what I am here for.

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