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Kaala Teeka 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Tahakur comes to Mai’s house. Thakur says to Mai stay away from that Naian. She has insulted our Goddess so many times. The more she comes near your family the more problems there will be for you. This is the message of Goddess. He leaves. Mai looks at Chutki.
Thakur arrives outside a house. Badki is there in the room. She wakes up. She says you came here to save me? Those pandits were thugs. They were taking me somewhere. Something is wrong. He says they were bringing you to me Pavitra. She says to you? He says you have such a nice name Pavitra. I will make you pure. She says what are you doing. Let me go. He says how can I, I craved for you for so long. She tries to run, Thakur grasps her hand and throws her on bed. Badki shouts for help. Thakur comes near her. She screams.

Naina jumps in that room from the window. Thakur is dazed. She has a sword. Pavitra says please save me. You were right. He is a devil. Naina says I told you I will expose you. He laughs. Thakur throws a vase on them but they bow down. Naina tries to stab him but he holds the sword and says I will use you two together today. Pavitra hits him with a rod on head. Naian says run. They both run out of that house.

Chubs, Dimpy and Krishan come to judge of the village. He says you came again. Dimpy says we want you to meet someone you know. Chubs says my bandage from eyes has gone now and its about time you all should start seeing as well. Krishan opens door of the van. Kajri comes out of it. Everyone is dazed. Kajri starts crying. Her mom hugs her. Kajri says its all a lie, ashram, darpan everything. Krishna says tell them what is the truth. Krishna says don’t be scared. No one can harm you here. Kajri says there is no ashram there. She tells them everything. Her mother cries. Kajri says this mahant used to take me to all those places to sell us. Krishna says why are you not taking Thakur’s name? Take his name. She says I never saw him. Krishna says he is part of all this. Kajri says I never heard of him. Judge says we have been fooled for all these years in the name of a ritual. I can’t believe it. Mahant sneaks out.

Naina and Pavitra are running. The thugs are after them. They sit in the boat and start sailing it. Pavitra says please sail it fast. Pavitra says you risked your life to save me. Naina says Badki if my sister was in your place.. She sees the symbol on her arm. Naina is dazed. PAvitra tries to hide it. Naina says Pavitra.. Naina says you knew? Then why didn’t you tell me. Pavitra says I didn’t want you to risk your life. Their symbols join together.
Naina says my sister.. I looked for you all my life. They hug each other. The boat suddenly dis-balances. Pavitra shouts.. Naina says don’t worry. They sail the boat.
Thakur shoots off of his men. He says all of you were useless. I won’t leave that Naina and Paivtra.

Scene 2
Mai recalls what Thakur said. That Naina is not good for her family. She recalls Pavitra being in trouble. A woman comes in and tells Mai Badki is back and that Naina is with her. Mai says I am coming. Naina won’t have her shadow on my family.
Naina and Pavitra come at the bank. Krishna says are you okay? Naina says yes I saved badki. And she is not Badki she is my sister Pavitra. Krishna says oh God. This is a great news. Kajri says I will never forget your favor. Naina says I wish I came here earlier. This is not a favor. Her mother says I wish they thought like you. Krishna says rest now. Naina says lets go home. Mai wanted me to tell you truth. She will be very happy. Mai says Naina won’t come to our house. They are dazed.


Kaala Teeka 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: A woman says to Mai your house is on fire. They all run there. Chutkiis in the house. Krishan tries to save her but there is too much fire.

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