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Kaala Teeka 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

Scene 1
A woman comes to mai and says your house is one fire. Mai and everyone runs. They scream and cry for chutki. Krishna pours water on the house.
Thakur and Mahant have chutki with them. Thakur laughs. Mahant says if you had to save her then why did you burn the house? Thakur says this is my ace card. We both have to hard. After the ritual’s reality everyone wants to kill us. Mahant says you are right. I will disappear. Thakur throttles him with a rope. He says I will find a way to come out of this trouble. I am the king on this village.

Krishna says don’t take law in your hands. I am with you in all this. We will punish the sinner but in our way. Mai’s whole house is burnt and reduced to ashes. She comes in and sees Chutki’s chunri there. There are ashes everywhere. Chubs says to Pavitra I can’t even hug you and be happy. You are meeting me in such a sad moment. Mai sits there and sobs. Pavitra says Mai control yourself. Naina comes as well. Mai shoves her and says stay away from me. She slaps Naina. Pavitra says how is this her mistake? Mai says she is responsible for my chutki’s death. Go from here. Krishna says what are you saying. Chubs says Naina saved Pavitra’s life. Mai says and she took my Chutki’s life. Her shadow is not good for my family. Pavitra says what happened with chutki was not her mistake it was a mishap. Mai says in a moment you dont’ care about chutki but your blood sisters.

Pavitra says what are you saying. Mai says she has to leave this village. Chubs says okay we will leave but with our pavitra too. Mai says don’t dare taking her from here. SHe is my daughter. She will stay with me. Chubs says she is our blood. Naina is her blood sister. Ask Pavitra if she wants to come with her sister or not. Mai looks at Pavitra and says why are you not saying anything? You said I am your mom no matter what. I gave you huge chunk of my life and kept you as a daughter. Go. Leave me alone here. Naina says Pavitra I spent my whole life looking for you. With your memories I spent all of these years. If mai wasn’t here I won’t have ever seen you. Mai saved your life, she kept your for 14 years. She fed you and stayed hungry herself. If someone has a right on you then its Mai. Chubs says but.. Naina says I am right chubs. God can’t even take Pavitra from Mai. Chubs says to Mai the girl you hate she is ready to give you her blood sister. Krishna says you people come with me. Naina is crying. They all leave.

Scene 2
Chubs says to Niana pack your stuff. We will leave this place now. Naina says but sister is here. But we have no reason to stay here either. Krishna says please stay. Krishan says am I nothing to you? You will leave me here alone? You can answer me when you like I will wait. He leaves. Naina looks shocked at him.

Pavitra gives Mai water. She says please mai try to understand.. They hear some noise outside. A woman tells them that mahant is caught and people want to kill him.
People put Mahant on hanging. they want to kill him. Krishna comes and says wait. We have to talk to him first. A man says where is thakur? Mahant says Thakur has nothing to do with all this. They want to kil him. Krishna says leave him. The men say you take a side we will not leave him. They hang him but police comes and fires in the air. Inspector says what are you doing? Don’t take law in your hands. Go home. They arrest Mahant.

Krishna says to Pavitrra naina asked you to meet her behind the temple. Krishna comes home. Naina says did you tell pavitra? He says yes she will come. Krishna says wait.. She says you wanted to ask something? He says yes I wanted to know the answer. If the answer is so difficult I can ease the question. It really suffocates me when I think that you will leave. So I will ask direclty will you marry me?


Kaala Teeka 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Krishna says only four hours are left. There is a temple nearby. Naina says I have not decided anything yet.

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