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Kaala Teeka 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 17th February 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Naina sees chulbuli drowning. She picks her up and takes her out. Pavitra pulls them both out. He pull water out of her stomach. Chutki opens her eyes. Mai hugs her and says I was so scared. Mai says to Naina thank you so much. I don’t know how to return your favor. Chutkki says by keeping them in the house. BAdki says yes mai please. She is here to be part of our ritual. Mai says to Naina stay in our house, we will like it. Naina smiles. Pavitra says to chutku why did you go near water. Mai hugs her. Chutki says I wanted to learn swimming. Naina says I will teach you.

Thakurian serves thakur food. He says where is your son. He was coming yesterday? She says he would be coming. you have to go to temple for pooja. He stops her and eats.
Her son comes in. Its Krishna.

Mai smiles at him. She says you are here finally. Come in.
Thakurian says you go to your granny’s place. I miss you. He jokes with the servants. Thakur gives him angry looks. He sits on the table. Krishna says ama you sit. I will serve myself. Thakur’s man says something to him. Thakur says to Krishna so you wont even touch my feet now? Krishna says hands are dirty now. Thakur says why am I tolerating this nonsense. Thakruain says he came after so many days. Thakru says why does he come here. What does he want. Krishna says food. Thakur says this is because you used to leave and go to your mom’s place. He doesn’t know how to talk to his dad. Krishan says you were busy fooling the village thakur sahab.
Thakurain says why do you piss him off.
A guy comes and hugs Krishna.

Scene 2
Badki is cooking. Naina says I will help you. She fetches water. They both laugh and work together. Niana says I will do the dishes. Badki says but you are guest. Niana says I am your elder sister you call me that. Chutki says to badki people have come to take your blessings.

Thakur says to mahant do something. Mahant says I made spices spill on that chulbuli’s eyes but she is stayed. We have to kick them out. she is staying at badki’s house. Thakur says villagers will kick her out don’t worry.

Women say why is she here? Mai says she is here to be part of the ritual. She believes in our rituals now. Naina says when did this ritual start? A women says it used to happen years ago. 15 years ago we had storm again so thakur got it started.
The guys says to kirshna you support that girl who speaks against the ritual. Krishna says she will leave in a few days. She will not be able to survive here.
Naina says Mahant ji really cares about this village. Then woman says he has thakur with him. Niana says yes of course he can’t do all that alone.
Mai says lets go to temple.

They come to temple. Naina and dimpy go to bring water. Badki takes chulbuli with her.

Mahanj sees Naina and chulbuli with badki and mai. He says we have to kick them out before pooja. His thug goes to a child and gives her a teddy bear. He tells her something. The girl takes Chulbuli’s hand. She says where am I going? She thinks its chutki. The girl brings her to temple and leaves her alone there. Chulbuli says Chutki where are you? The thug comes in. Chulbuli says is someone here? Who are you? He sets her dupatta on fire. Chulbuli says someone save me. She screams. Pavitr and Dimpy see her. Naina comes there as well.


Kaala Teeka 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina throws water on chulbuli’s dupatta. It spills on arti as well. Mahant ji says you did a blasphamy. Niana says her dress was on fire. Mahanj says Goddess saves everyone herself in the temple.

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