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Kaala Teeka 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Kaala Teeka you will watch Krishna says only four hours are left. There is a temple nearby. Naina says I have not decided anything yet. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

Scene 1
Krishna says to Naina we have just four hours, I will send you the bridal dress. Everything will be according to you. He says I will shift to city with mom. Naina says I can’t decide anything that early. He says you have to. SHe says I will talk to chubs. I know she wont’ say no. He says that means you are coming to temple in four hours? Naina smiles and leaves. He says come fast.

Krishna does arti. He says please give me blessings God. I hope nothing goes wrong between us.
Mai is burning herself. Pavitra says please don’t do this. Mai says I will kill myself if you go to meet her. Pavitra says I wanna meet her once before her leaving. Mai says something abd will happen to you. Fate wants you both to stay away from each other. So many troubles came to our house ever since she came and we lost our Chutki as well. Pavitra says I will even fight the destiny for my sister. I will challenge anything to be with my sister. Mai says you won’t listen to me? Pavita says she let me live with you. She cared that much for you. Please care about my happiness too. Just for once let me meet her. Mai throws the fire torch away and goes in.

Pavitra comes to meet Naina. pavitra says I feel sorry for what mai did to you. Chutki says she has lost a daughter. She is supposed to behave this way. Thakur is behind all that. He has to be punished. Pavitra says but you are eaving tomorrow? Naina says where will I go away from you? Pavitra says really? Naina says yes. I said all this because I want to clear doubts in Mai’s mind. Pavitra says there is someone else too who will come with us to the city? Pavitra says who? Naina says kirhsna. Pavitra says he told you? Niana says you knew? Pavitra says anyone could see it. Naina says I will be going to temple in four hours. will you come? naina says of course. I am so happy for you. Thakru comes with his men and hits Naina on her. she faints. his men catch Pavitra and Thakur takes Naina with him in his car. Pavitra tries to save her but she can’t.

Bablu calls Krishna and tells him that Naina’s phone is off. Krishna says she might not have charged it, Krishna drops sindur by mistake. Pandit ji says this is not right. Krishan says nothing can go wrong today. I have loved someone first time. I am going to follow it.
Krishan tries calling Niana but her phone is off. Krishan picks up the sindur and gives it back to pandit ji. Krishna is decorating the temple. The pandit is face. His mustache is falling. he sees himself in the steel plate and fixes it.

Thakur’s thugs rope Pavitra with a tree. They hear some noise and go in that direction. Bablu comes and saves Pavitra. They both run. Pavitra tells him Thakur took Naina with him. Bablu says I am sure he went to his kali kothi. Pavitra says we need to seek help from villagers.
Bablu calls Krishna but he gets a shock form lights. Krishan falls down. His pone falls and breaks.
Bablu pavitra and villagers run towards Thakur’s kothi.
Krishan dress as the groom. He says thank you God for giving me Niana. Why is bablu not here yet though?
All the men come outside thakur’s house. Pavitra says where is my didi tell me.

Pavitra grasps his collar. he says I don’t know. Pavita says we all know what your reality is. Inspector comes and says Mahant told us thakur has nothing to do with all this. He used to do all this and thakur doesn’t know at all. Pavitra says he is saying all that to save thakur. He says we asked the other witness too. Pavitra says who? Mai says Chutki told me thakur didn’t do all this but mahant did. i don’t know why pavitra is doing all this maybe because naian doesn’t like him. Pavitra says Mai.. You have provoked my mai. Chutki died because of you.

Pavitra picks a knife to stab him but Naian holds her hand. She is wearing bridal dress.


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