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Kaala Teeka 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Naina and Badki turn back. Its the fake guru ji. He says you have broken the rule. The time to meet is over. Go from here. Badki says please pardon me Guru ji. Guru ji we just gave you permission to see them not to talk. Take them back to their boats. They have done a sin.
Mai says because of your mistake we have to go early. These mothers could spend more time here. BAdki says to Naina lets go. I think it was not in my fate to meet Kajri.

Naina sees Thakur near river bank. Mai says to thakur. That ashram is heaven. I am really glad badki will come here. We have no worries now.
The thugs take all the girls in a van. The guru throws his beard away.
Mai says I am glad my daughter will come here.
Thakur says I wanted your daughters to talk to you as well that is why I got permission for tomorrow but vaid sister had her doctor appointment so we had to come on fast day.

Scene 2
Krishan comes to Naina. She says I am sure you are here to show that I was wrong. But I saw injection marks on girls’ arms there. He shows her the syringe and says this? She says where you found this from? Krishna says ashram. NAina says I am sure they were drugged. Krishan says Bindya kaki was trying to say something but she couldn’t. Maybe you are right. Naina says now you even know something is wrong in this village. She says I will take this syringe to a doctor to find out what drug that was. He says I will find that out. Don’t be so happy already. She is about to punch him. He holds her hand. Krishna says I am sure you don’t like mahant ji and my father but wait for sometime. Naina digs her nails in his skin. She says this was just the trailer. Don’t mess with me. He says would want to forget. Naina says what did you say? Nothing. And this injection I will find this out. Naina leaves.

Naina comes to palace. Thakur says we were waiting for you here dear guests. All the women are there. The woman says we are glad that because of you we were able to go see our daughters. Mahant says and to return that favor they want to give you a responsibility. That dress that badki will wear on her leaving day, they want you to give it to badki. Thakurain says everyone wants you to dress up badki yourself. Naina takes the dress. She says in heart I won’t let badki go anywhere.

Mai asks Naina to give badki the dress. Naina says I told you bdki I was out to find someone close to me. I am looking for my sister. Mai is dazed. Naina says I never tell this to anyone but I wanted to tell you.
Naina says I see my sister in you. God doesn’t listen to me but if I could ask him one thing that would be to return you from Goddess to us. Badki says but that’s not possible. The chosen girl has to go from here. Naina says I will be part of the rituals.

Scene 2
Naina knocks on Krishan’s door room. She sees that no one is in the room. Naina sees Thakur walking. She hides. Krishna is inside with a towel and wearing headphones. He says this is the second time. I will put a ticket now. She says I have no interest in seeing you. Wear your clothes. I am here to talk. NAina says I just wanted to ask you about the drug in that injection? Krishan says I showed it to a chemist. He said it has tranquilizers. She says see I was right. Krishna says it was just tranquilizers. Naina says
Mahant and your father.. He says wait wait. Let the right news come first then accuse. Krishna says yes there are no such proofs yet. If you wanna save badki wait for the proofs. She says fine I understood. Leave my hand. naina says you think like a son that’s why you don’t like it. Let the proofs come then we will see. She leaves. Krishna says what if she is right and my father is part of this scam?

Kaala Teeka 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-Chutki says to Mai naina didi forgot this photo here. Its of Naina and Pavitra’s childhood. Mai is shocked. she says my badki is Naina’s sister.
Badki tells Naina she is not blood daughter of Mai. She lost her mother years ago.

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