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Kaala Teeka 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Pavitra grasps Thakur’s collar and shouts what did you do with my didi? Naina says leave him. Thakur’s thug calls fake pandit and says leave now. Naina says how dare you harm my husband. Touch his feet and apologize him. Come on do as I say. Pavitra sits in his feet and apologizes. Thakur says in heart both sister get used to of crying. Naina feels like fainting. Pavitra says what happened didi. Thakur says leave her I will take care of Naina. Thakur asks Mai to take Naina inside.
Fake pundit comes to another one and says if Krishna asks where am I say that I went to another wedding. I will kill you if you tell him anything.
Thakur says I know that you all think I was with Mahant in all this. But this is just his plan. Mahant kidnapped Naina and tried to harass her along with his men. I came there on right time and saved her. She is a girl so to save her dignity I had to marry her. You can punish me if you still want to.
The judge says I think what thakur did was right. Badki says stop this drama. All the people are in thakur’s favor. Thakur says I apologize that I couldn’t find out truth of Mahant. I would kill him if police didn’t take him. I should be punished for not knowing it though. He slits his hand and says this is my repentance.

Krishna comes back to temple and asks the pandit where did the older pandit go? He says he had to go for another wedding. Krishan says oh thats fine. Couples are made in heaven. Like I and Naina were tied by destiny together. I have prepared, she would be coming soon.
Thakur laughs in front of Pavitra and says how did you like my revenge? Today I will spend my wedding night with you sister Naina. She will wait for me in bed and you can’t do anything. Pavitra says I will kill you. Her men grasp her. He says throw her out. I will meet you in two hours with my new thakurain. Go prepare for our welcome. Pavitra says I will kill you.

Women put haldi on Naina’s hands. Thakur says to Mai thank you for being on my side. Mai says because of this girl I lost my chutki and lost badki as well. I had to be with you to teach her a lesson. But how did you convince her? He says I took Naina to my won palace.
Naina woke up bed. Thakur said so you are conscious. She woke up and said where am I? Who am I? And who are you? Thakur says she had lost her memory. So I thought I could play a game with her. Thakur said naina thank God you are fine. We were getting married today. She says why can’t I recall? He said because you got injured. Get ready now. I am your groom. He married her. Thakur says then I wrote hatred for pavitra and love for me in her blank mind. Now these two sisters will never be together.

Scene 2
Chubs is crying. She says to dimpy didn’t you see how naina slapped Pavitra? Where is Krishna? Dimpy says I am sure thakur harmed them. Chubs says I am so worried for both Naina and Pavitra.
Pavitra comes to idol of her mother and says what happened ma. I thought we were each other’s powers. I couldn’t do anything to save her. Winds blow.

Pavitra is praying. She sees something there. And recalls Naina told her to meet him at temple. Pavitta says I know what to do ma.

Krishna says you know pandit ji why i chose this temple? Ma told me that whoever marries in this temple always stays together.
Pavitra is getting ready. Kajri says are you sure? Pavitra says I am doing this to save my sister. Kajri says you love your sister so much that you are risking your whole life. I am proud to be your friend.

Krishna says to pandit ji God chose Naina for me and I am so happy about it. But I wonder where she is? i am sure she would take so long to get ready.
Kajri gets Pavitra ready.
Krishna says the situation was that way that I had to marry in temple. I wish we could do proper celebrations.
naina is dancing in the house with girls. She holds her head. Mai says in heart you shouldn’t have come here Naina. Now you will pay for what you did with this marriage. Pavitra gets ready. She comes towards the temple.
Krishna is waiting. Krishna says where is Naina only five minutes are left. He says pandit ji I am coming? A bride comes in with her face covered.

Kaala Teeka 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-Naina wakes up in bed. She sees her chunri on couch.
Krishna is marrying Pavitra and thinks its Niana. He makes her wear the mangalsutra.

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