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Kaala Teeka 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Kaala Teeka you will watch Naina wakes up in bed. She sees her chunri on couch.
Krishna is marrying Pavitra and thinks its Niana. He makes her wear the mangalsutra.
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Scene 1
The bride comes to temple. Krishna says I told you don’t get so late. I was so scared. They both sit and pandit reads the mantra. They both make each other wear garlands. Krishna holds her hand and they take rounds around fire. He makes her wear magalsutra. Pandit ji says now fill her hairline with sindur. Pavitra says in heart he will see my face. The sindur falls from his hand. Pandit ji says this is not right. We don’t have more sindur here. Krishan says so our wedding is incomplete? Pandit says no the wedding is with the rounds and you can fill her hairline in the temple of your home with your elders.

Thakur laughs and says fate is with me as well. NAina won’t ever recalls anything. He looks at his injection and laughs.
Krishna and Pavitra come home.

He says I can’t tell you how happy I am. He is about to take cloth off from her face. She stops him. He says what happened? Pavitra says greh parvesh. He says I will welcome you in this house since ma isn’t here. He does her arti. Pavitra says in heart I have to meet didi. Krishna says come inside. She enters the house. Suddenly Krishna is shocked and the arti falls from his hand. He sees Naina standing behind Pavitra with Mai. He takes ghughat off from Pavitra’s face and is shocked. Krishna says you..
Thakur comes and says she is my wife. Krishna says don’t dare touching her. Thakur shoves him. Pavitra says are you okay? Krishna shoves her and says go away.
Naina says what is happening here? My husband showed you both your worth way before. Krishna is shocked. Naina says please listen I will explain everything. Krishna says get lost from here. He goes inside. Pavitra says please listen. Mai slaps Pavitra. She says why did you marry Krishan? Pavitra says because I can’t let thakur ruin my sister’s life. Mai says you will ruin everything. Pavitra says you knew everything? You know how he roped in my sister. Mai says all i know is that ever since Naina came in our lives we were surrounded by problems.

Scene 2
Thakur and Naina come to room. She says welcome my pretty naina. She says I don’t know why my head hurts. He says I am here to take away all your pains. She Pavitra comes outside their room. `Pavitra knocks on the door and says please open it. NAina goes towards door and thakur stops her. She says I don’t know why I feel like going outside. She holds her head. A lot of smoke come in. Thakur looks out from the window Pavitra has set whole garden on ablaze. He goes downstairs in anger and says who did all this. Pavitra says I did. I told you, you can’t take advantage of my sister. He grasps her face and says I will show you what I can do. Get out of here Krishna comes and stops him. He says she is my wife and daughter in law of this house. You can’t kick her out. Thakur says this is my house I can kick you both out. Krishna says dada named this house equally after you and ma. So you can’t kick me out of here.

Pavitra comes to Naina’s room. She sees her fainted on bed. She hugs Naina and says didi.. we were so happy. and all of this happened. I will save you from devil. Like you always saved me. I won’t let anything happen to you. Naina opens her eyes and shoves her. She says you came to my room again? Get lost from here. She shoves her out and locks the door.

Krishna shoves Pavitra in the room and says you both have seen my love. Now you will see my hatred. She says please listen. He says don’t dare saying a word. There can be no explaianation to what you did. I said all this because I can keep you here and take my revenge. You and your sister have made fun of my love. You are half married and you will always be that. You will repent all your life in this house. This is how I will avenge for my love from you and your sister.

Kaala Teeka 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Pavitra puts hand on arti and says I want to say something. Krishna throws the arti away and says I don’t want to listen anything.Naina says what are you saying? What have I done? He says you ruined my life and now you are saying what you did? Naina holds her head. Thakur holds her.

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