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Kaala Teeka 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

In Today’s Episode of Kaala Teeka you will watch Pavitra puts hand on arti and says I want to say something. Krishna throws the arti away and says I don’t want to listen anything.Naina says what are you saying? What have I done? He says you ruined my life and now you are saying what you did? Naina holds her head. Thakur holds her. Stay tune for more Written Episode Updates

Scene 1
Simar says on one hand Anjali and on the other hand, Piyush. Prem is missing too. I don’t know what to do. Simar is crying and sobbing. Mataji hugs her. Mataji says God is with us. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.
Police comes in. He says forensic report is here. Simar reads it and is shocked. Everyone asks Simar what is written in it? Simar drinks water. Mataji says please tell us. Simar says that body was not of prem. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Simar says I knew Prem wont’ leave me alone in this world. Sankalp says your belief won. Mataji says truth and patience won. Inspector says it looks like he doesn’t want to come in front.

Anjali says to vikram I made your favorite vegetable today. Saroj serves Tao ji. Vikram recalls she can’t meet her. Anjali says please focus on our relationship. Nothing is more important than it. Anjali says eat it please. Don’t you like it? Vikram eats it. Anjali eats it and says it is so tasteless. Don’t eat it. He says for you I am eating this and all of these things. Anjali I just made it because its your favorite. Vikram says its the love the makes food good. And tai ji used to make it differently too. Anjali learns it too. Vikram leaves. Anjali asks raju to throw the food out and give it some animal. Saroj says even dogs wont’ eat this. Anjali says you mind your own business. Anjali goes upstairs.
Saroj says you can’t separate me from my son.

Scene 2
Prem’s phone is still off. Pari says he is hiding from world. uma says I think the same. But why is he hiding from us. We are his family. Simar gets a call. Its inspector. He says we found a man who saw Prem in Lucknow. We are sending our team there.

Next morning, Anjali says Vikram I getting ready for jogging. I have made your breakfast please eat. He saysv okay. Anjali leaves. Saroj sees her and says i will make vikra meat.

Simar and Amar arrive at Lucknow. The inspector goes with them to a man. He shows him prem’s picture and says was he living here? He says yes he stayed in my house for two days. Inspector says did you inquire who he is? He says no. it was just for two days.
Amar says where did he go after that? He says come with me. This is the room where he stayed. Police searches the whole room.

SAroj comes to Vikram’s room with breakfast. He is shocked. She says I know Anjali would be so mad but I will leave before she comes. No distance can separate us. You have not eaten anything.
CVikram kisses her hand. He says thank you so much. They hear anjali asking raju if vikram did breakfast. Anjali comes in she is shocked.


Kaala Teeka 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar says to Prem would keep things in the pillows. She finds a paper. Anjali says to saroj this is not a joke. We all signed the papers. If someone breaks the rule they can be taken to court.

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