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Kaala Teeka 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 23rd February 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Mahant is talking on call. He says I will give you money as soon as you do my work. She should be moved to a new destination. Chubs overhears it. She breaks a vase. Thakur and Mahnt come to see. She hides behind sofa. Thakur says it must be wind. Chubs was hidden by dimpy.
Mahant says to Thakur why have you invited that Naina here? Thakur says I know how to play. He sits in car and goes somewhere.
Chubs says to Dimpy take me to Naina. I have to tell her. Naina is in temple. They come to temple. Badki is singing there bhajan. Chubs is dazed. She recalls Kali’s voice. Chubs says Kali? Badki says how did I sing? Naina says you sing very well. Badki says why you look different? Naina says I did straightening. Badki says better, that honeycomb is gone. Naina says you..

She runs after her. Chubs is lookig for Naina. Badki says let me clean the temple. CHubs says to Naina come with me. I want to tell you something. She tells her what she heard mahant talking on call. Chubs says he said there are just 12 yet move them to another location. Naina says we have to find out where those girls are.

Naina says to women this all sounds so good. Staying near temple and singing mantra. The people in asylum spend same time right? Women says they don’t live with families. So they pray all the time. NAina says have you ever seen it? The woman says we can’t go there. Naina says but for your satisfaction? You never went there. You can request Thakur. He is such a nice man. Tell him you want their blessings. Lets go. Mai stops naina she says don’t do this. This will piss Goddess. Naina says but these moms.. Naina says we are under threat of storm. We can’t take any risks. Don’t do all this.

Naina is near river. She recalls that symbol on Kajri’s hand. Dimpy says lets go. Naina says I will come late. Naina says I have to find a way to see where those girls are. Krishna comes there. He shoves her slowly. They both fall on the ground. She says what are you doing here? He says I need your help. I fall everytime I meet you. She says you are a fallen man. she says you were asking a question in your heart seeing the river. Guruji doesn’t like to meet worldly people. People think his anger can bring storm. But he can meet rats. She says you called me rat? She says they are the rats eating the girl’s future. Badki comes there and says didi you are here? Krishna says she was jumping in the river. Badki says thank you for saving her thank you. Krishna says tell her if she wants to travel in river talk to Mala. Only he can go that side. Naina says shut up. Kirhan says give her some herb for anger. They laugh. Naina says who is this mala? Badki says he is one who takes grocery to the asylum. Lets go home.

Scene 2
Naina and Dimpy are sneaking out. They follow Mala. He picks a bag and says here is Thakur’s bag. He sits in his boat. Naina says we will find out how the girls are sent to red light area from asylum.He goes out. Naina and dimpy hide in in his boat. The man sees them.


Kaala Teeka 24rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Krishan says what did you see there? Naina says women are taken there in name of ritual. then you know what happens to them. Your dad.. He says don’t bring in my dad. Who knows where you ended up in dark. Badki says where were you? Badki says you wanna know what I saw?

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