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Kaala Teeka 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Naina comes in her room. Thakur sprinkles rose petals on her and comes close to her. Her picks her up and takes her to bed. Pavitra sees him. She goes running towards Thakur’s room. Thakur’s men stop Pavitra from going inside.
Pavitra comes to temple and says God please save my sister. Her life and dignity is in your hands.
Thakur comes close to Naina. She says I know you have done a lot for me. Can’t we wait? He says wait why? You know how special this night is for is. Naina recalls Pavitra’s words. Naina says I made something for you. I will bring it. He stops her and says later. Naina recalls Pavitra saying he wants to misuse you. He holds her close. Naina shoves him and says I will sit my wrist if you come close to me. He says I am your husband.Naina says stay away from me. Thakur goes out in anger.Naina sits there.

Thakur comes to Pavitra and grasps her face. He says what did you say to Naina? I will hide you from world like I hid your sister Chutki. Krishna comes and shouts leave her right now. Thakur shoves Pavitra. Thakur says this girl married you by deciet and you want to save her? Krishan says she is my wife? Only I have right to touch or hurt her.
You better stay in your limits. Thakur says and you stay in yours. They both bring their swords. A sword fight starts between them. Pavitra says please stop you two. Mai comes and says stop it. They both stop. Mai says to Pavitra don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? You made son and father fight because of that girl. You couldn’t do anything for the villagers at least don’t ruin this house. I told you whenever you two sisters unite there will be some destruction. Pavitra says listen on good news too Chutki is alive. Thakur said that himself. Mai is dazed. Mai says how much more will you lie because of that city girl? Pavitra leaves.

Scene 2
Pavitra is sitting in temple. She says I hope Naina trusts me. I can’t win this battle without her trust in me. She has her Kali’s photo in her hand. The photo falls from her hand and comes near Naina’s feet. Naina picks the photo. It has pavitra naina and Kali. Naina is dazed. She says whose photo is it? Pavitra is in tears. She says this is my mom’s photo. This is you and me. And thats our mom. Try to recall. Naina says i can’t still believe it. But I don’t know why my heart says that no one can give life for you unless they really love you. And that is why I have decided that I will support you. Pavitra smiles. Naina says I will give you a chance to prove what you said was right. Tell me how can I help you? Pavitra says can I hug you once. Pavitra says there is a way how you can help me.

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