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Kaala Teeka 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pavitra sees Chutki. Pavitra climbs the ladder. She hugs Chutki. Pavitra says are you fine? Chutki says how is everyone? Pavitra says Naina has lost her memory. she doesn’t remember I am her sister. Naina thinks she is Thakur’s wife. Chutki says I saw that in jungle. Naina says lets go before someone comes. They hear Thakur’s thugs coming. Naina says lets go. Chutki says they won’t harm me. If you go with me they will harm NAina. Pavitra says come with me please. Chutki says no you go please. The thugs are coming. Pavitra has jumped. The thugs tie Chutki.

Thakur says to Naina you trust them? Naina says I don’t know who to trust. She was ready to give her life. Bansoi calls thakur. Thakur locks naina. Naina says open the door. Bansi informs Thakur that he thinks Pavitra saw Chutki. should we kill her? Thakur says are you out of your mind? Hide Chutki somewhere else.

Pavitra is looking for Maiu. Thakur throws a knife in her way. Pavitra says you have no shame. You are using a little girl for all this. She says you don’t even love your son whom else can you love someone else. He comes forward to slap her. She stops his hand and says I am not scared of you anymore. Got it? Pavitra comes to Krishna and says I wanna tell you something. he says I dont’ wanna hear another story. Thakur says go tell mai now. She wont’ believe you either.

Mai si doing arrti for chutki. Pavitra throws water on it. She says chutki is alive. Mai says then why didn’t you bring her? Pavitra says she.. Mai says you don’t have an answer. Why did you leave her? I know you are lying. I am not mother for you anymore. tHen why should I trust you? Pavitra says I can’t tell you the reason but chutki is alive. Mai says enough.

Scene 2
Pavitra comes back to the place where chutki is. Thakur is standing outside with pavitra. He says should I kill her? You wanna save chutki? THen go and tell naina that all you said was a lie. I have animosity against naina not you. They take chutki back. Pavitra is crying.
Pavitra comes home and says I don’t know I am going to do is right or wrong. Naina comes there. Pavitra hugs her. Thakur comes there.
Thakur says Naina you know people who hug you want to stab you in back. Pavitra tell her your reality. Pavitrra says truth is that everything I said was a lie. Naina slaps her. She says how dare you. Pavitra says forgive me didi. Naina says don’t call me didi.
Thakur says this is why I asked you not to meet her. Naina says I am sorry. He says its okay. She goes in with thakur.

Precap-Pavitra is praying. Thakur says you do good acting. Pavitra says release chutki now. He says chutki is my ace. Pavitra says I knew you would do something like this. So I told her I will act. He throttles her and says you and chutki both are gone now.

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