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Kaala Teeka 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 27th February 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Krishan says what did you see on that side? Naina says there is no asylum. This is a scam. Krishna says what? Dimpy says she is right. They are fooling people in name of ritual. Naina says you don’t know what happens to those girls when they are sent there. Because your dad.. He says Don’t involve my dad. I don’t like this ritual either but don’t accuse my dad of this. Who knows where you went in dark? Maybe you went somewhere else? Naina says go ask Maala kaka whats the truth. Krishna says I don’t need to. Badki comes and hugs Naina. She says where were you? I looked for you everywhere. I was so worried. Naina says we are fine. You wanna know what we saw there? Badki says thank God you are fine. Naina says in Krishna doesn’t like ritual but he didn’t believe. Badki believes in it. Krishan says tell her. Naina says nothing. We were roaming in the village. Badki says I am just glad you are okay. Naina says I knew nothing would happen to you. Naina says you are here to pray for me. And I am here to save you as well. Chutki comes and says Mai.. They all run towards home.

Mai is coughing and she can’t breathe. Badki is really worried. Naina says don’t worry she will be fine. Badki says she has to be admitted in the hospital. What will happen to chutki when I leave. Mai says I will pass away before you leave. Badki says why are you saying that. You stay here and make Chutki a big officer. Mai says that can’t happen. You will go to the Goddess and no daughter ever comes from there. A woman says you are right. Naina says in the heart this is the right. Naina says you can go there to meet your daughters. If they can’t meet here. All the saints meet their families. You can see them from a distance at least. Mai says but the rule will be broken. Naina says lets leave it upto thakur. He is a nice man he can’t hurt mothers of this village. Maybe no one ever said something like this before. A woman says she is right. Thakur will listen to us. We will talk to him.

Scene 2
All the women come outside Thakur’s palace. They raise slogans in his favor. Chubs says what noise is this? Naina says noise of Thakur’s destruction. Thakur comes out. He says what happened this morning? Mai says I have a request on all mother’s behalf. Thakur says what can I do for you? Mai says this has never happened befor
e but we believe you will accept it. We mothers want to visit ashram once. A woman says we will just see our daughters from a distance. We won’t interrupt the praying there. Mai says please accept this. The place where my badki will go I want to see it once. Mahant says what are you saying. If Guru ji listens this he will be very mad. Mai says my heart says your Guruji can understand a mother’s request. Mahant says this can’t happen. You all go from here. Thakur says stop. I can see your and pain and I feel bad that I never thought about this before. But you have opened my eyes. Mahant says but.. He stops him. Thakur says if I don’t understand your request shame on me. I will talk to guru ji and get his permission. Goddess will make everything better. Mai says thank you so much. You are a great man. Naina is dazed. Thakur gives her a smirk. He goes in.

Thakur says if I had shouted at them they might have doubted us. And that can’t happen. Mahant says but you said you will ask for permission from guru? The guru who was never there and the ashram that was never built. Thakur says we will find a way. Thakur says those women were provoked by that Naina. She is very clever. We have to stay one step ahead of her. We have think how to get out of this trouble.

Badki comes to Naina and hugs her. She says thank you so much. Naina says for what? Badki says you talked to people and they talked to thakur and he agreed. Everyone is really happy. We will all cook and eat together. will you come? Naina says I sure will.
Everyone is cooking and singing in the yard. All the kids dance. Mai is happy as well.
Badki says everyone is so happy. Mai says to Naina I am sorry for being rude to you. Naina says don’t say that. I love when you scold. Mai says you speak whatever you like. She laughs. Naian hugs her.
Thakur comes there with his men. Thakur says I talked to guru ji. He said that few of you can go and see the ashram tomorrow.


Kaala Teeka 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina says I know you listened to them and got permission. Mai has to go to doctor tomorrow. Can they all go to ashram today. He has given the permission already so day doesn’t matter.

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