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Kaala Teeka 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Naina wakes up and cries Pavitra.. Pavitra.. Chulbuli comes and says what happened? Naina says pavitra isn’t here. They look everywhere. Chulbuli says I think jamna took her. Naina says I couldn’t fulfill my promise. Prohit says don’t forget what KAli taught you never to give up. Chulbuli says lets go. They are on their way to bus station. Prohit says to Naina not look out. She says I have to find Pavitra. Chulbuli says drive fast driver.
Jamna is on her way. Pavitra says didi.. I wanna go back to my sister. Jamna says I will take you to meet her. A woman says who is this girl? Why is she crying to so much? Jamna says she is my grand daughter. She is attached with her so called sister so much. Woman says she is lying. She has kidnapped the child. Jamna says nono she is my grand daughter. She shows them the photo with Kali Nandu and Pavitra. she says see my photo with them. They both died. All the people sit quitely. Pavitra says I wanna go back. Jamna says if you are stubborn like this I wont ever take you.

Driver says its raining outside and its dark. Naina says its amawas. Mama used to say this day brings lights in everyone’s heart. Nothing can go wrong today. We will find Pavitra.
The driver of the bus is drinking. Conductor says how will you drive? He says I will make it fly. He keeps driving and is driving rashly. People ask him to drive carefully. Pavitra says why did you bring me with you? You are evil I don’t wanna live with you. The bus is going out of control. People keep asking him to drive carefully.
The bus falls into the water. Everyone screams.
Naina says my tattoo is burning. Prohit says that means pavitra is in danger. Naian says same happened when she was caught in fire. I think she is in trouble.
Driver says there is some accident on the road.
Prohit comes out and asks people what happened? He says a mini bus fell into the lake. A lot of people died. Rest are injured. Naina and Chulbuli ask inspector to look if they have Pavitra in the list? He says we have only one 5 year old. Her name is poonam. Her mom took her. We have some bodies that have not been identified yet. You can check them. Naina says no she is fine. She can’t be there. Chulbuli asks prohit to take care of Naina and says I wil l look there. Naina is crying she says nothing can happen to Pavitra. She is fine.
Chulbuli looks at the dead bodies and screams because of their condition. The inspector sees a body and says she looks like a 50 year old i think thats Jamna. Chulbuli takes the cloth off her face and says its Jamna. Prohit and Naina come running there. They are all crying. Prohit says I hope she rest in peace. Naina says was there a 5 year old girl with him? inspector says there was no girl with her. She asks others. Inspector says dead or alive we have found everyone except one.

Scene 2
In the injured a woman has Pavitra’s keychain. Naina says where did you get this? The woman says I tried to catch her but she fell in to the water. this is all I could catch. I don’t know how she is now.
Naina says nothing can happen to my pavitra. If she is hurts it hurts me. I am fine that means she would be fine too. My pavitra is okay. We will find her.

Scene 3
Inspector says I think she got lost somewhere in the lake. Or a crocodile or something ate her. You should realize that she is not alive anymore. Naina says my sister is alive. She will be back. SHe has not died. She runs out.
In a village some people bring Pavitra. They saved her from the lake. They treat her and make her breathe. A woman says I found her in the lake. She was drowning. They see her diary in the bag. The woman takes out Kali’s picture from it.
Naina is praying for Pavitra. Naina says so many hours have passed. I can’t even see mama’s photo which was in Pavitra’s bag. I will find Pavitra one day. We will be together.
The woman says God gave me this girl as mine. I will bring her up like a daughter.

Precap-Naina says 14 years ago I lose Pavitra. But i still remember mama’s promise. I will bring her back. Pavitraa has grown up in the village. She has same face of Kali.

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