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Kaala Teeka 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Scene 1
Naina says to Thakur I know you are really nice. You took permission from guru ji and thats great but mai has to go to doctor tomorrow. So can these mothers go today instead of tomorrow? Guru ji has given permission already. Mahant says that can’t happen. Naina says she has treated so many people here. Can’t we do this for them? Badki says she is right. Mai has to go to doctor tomorrow. Thakur says okay if thats you want. You all can go today to see the ashram. He leaves. Badki thanks Naina. She says in heart thakur you will be exposed.

Mahant asks all the women to sit in the boats. Naina says to dimpy what is happening. We have to go as well. dimpy says but only mothers can go. Thakur says to Naina are you happy they are going to see their daughters? Naina says I am glad but I have another request. I wanna go with them as well. I will go back to city and I won’t have an experience of this kind. Thakur says you can go. Thakur says you can go as well. Sit in the now. Mahant says to the women don’t talk to the thaurs there. A mother comes and says please stop. Thakur says who are you? Mahant says she is a mother as well. Come sit. Its Krishna with his face hidden. Chutki sees his face and smile. HE asks her to stay quite. He says I will give you chocolates.

They are on their way. Naina sees his hand. She is socked. She asks badki to sit next to him. They reach the jungle and come out of boats. Naina falls on Krishna. Naina says behave yourself or I will tell everyone who is behind this veil. He says go and tell them. They won’t say a word. Naina says they will be shocked when they know the reality of thakur. they all walk in the jungle. Naina is dazed. There is a house like ashram. All the girls are sitting there are there as saints.
Krishna says so according to you there is no ashram here? My dad is a magician too? I told you you went somewhere else.
Naina says in heart he built this urgently. He is so clever. All the mothers are so happy to see their daughter. Naina tries to talk to them but they don’t answer. Naina says in heart they are drugged

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