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Kaala Teeka 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Thakur is trying to abuse Naian. He tears her sleeve. Thakurain comes and hits him on head. He says you.. She says yes me. I am not the same woman who was so scared of you. Today I am a woman who will tell you how to respect women. She picks up Naina and covers her. She hits Thakur more.
Pavitra is injured. Krishna takes her out. Pavitra shows him chutki’s locket. He says I am sorry I didn’t believe you;. I will help you in finding chutki now.
THakur gets up and shoves naina. Thakurain tries to hit him but he stabs her. Naina cires and tries to get her up but she is dead. Naina is dazed. Naina says are you out of your mind. You killed your own wife you animal. He says till she was my house’ decoration piece I could tolerate her. He grasps her and says who will save you now. Naian hits him on head and runs. mai comes in. She looks at thakurain and says what happened. Thakur says Naina stabbed her. Mai says what else can we expect from her. First she killed my chutki and now thakurain. She checks her veins and says she is alive. He is dazed. She says lets take her home.

Scene 2
A snake bites Krishan’s hand. Pavitra sucks the venom from his bruise. He says I feel better. Krishna says in heart she risked her life to save mine. She can’t be after money. He says I am sorry. I was so wrong. You saved my life. She says your reasons were valid. He says I will make tell me where is Chutki. Pavitta faints. She says that white flower. Krishna looks for the flower.

Naina is running in the jungle. She sees Chutki in the car. Naina says its the girl Pavitra was looking for . I have to tell her but how?
Krisha puts Pavitra on a cart and drags her to find the flower.
Mai says to Thakur tell police what Naina has done. He says no that will defame us. Mai says no she should be punished. Thakur says in heart I can tell police the same story I told mai. He calls police. He tells them the same story. Krishan finds the flower.

Krishan brings Niana home. Servant comes and says him thakurain.. He runs inside. Krishna says who attacked her? Thakur says naina. Mai says yes I saw her running from there. Krishna says why would she do that? Mai says because she thought Thakurian is the first wife. Pavitra says naian didi can never do this. Police comes in. He says we have take statement from thakurain. Thakur says she is not conscious. Go and look for Niana. He says we can’t arrest her till we have Thakurain’s statement. Thakur says find her first. Pavitra says what new game is this.. Krishna says to mai give Pavitra some med. She has venom. Mai takes Pavitra with her. Thakur says in heart I won’t let this thakurian come in consiousness.

Naina calls Krishan. He says naina where are you? She says thank God. I have to talk to Pavitra. the thugs are taking Chutki somewhere. Thakur takes the phone and says police is looking for you.

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