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Kaala Teeka 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaala Teeka 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kaala Teeka 29th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Pavitra says don’t leave Thakur with thaurain. He tried killing her. He will do that again. Mai says you learn everything you sister says.
Thakur says to Thakurain you would die a married woman. You would be very lucky. He tries suffocating her.
Pavitra says mai please dont’ leave her alone if you ever considered me your daughter. Please listen. Mai comes in the room and says thakur.. He is shocked. He pretends that he was putting the pillow under her neck.
Servant comes and tells thakur krishna has brought police. Thakyur goes downstairs and says thank you inspector you came.
Krishna brings Thakurian. He says ma answer what happened to you. Thakur says she can’t talk she can only nod. Krishna says we will ask Naina. She can talk. She will tell everyone truth. Krishan calls naina. She comes in the house. Everyone is dazed. Krishna says Naina please tell everyone what truth is. Pavitra says yes tell them who did this. Naina says Thakurain attacked me. To save myself I had to attack her in return which is why she got injured. Krishna says what are you saying. Pavitra says don’t say that. Naina says that’s truth. I attacked her to save myself. Thakurain faints. Krishna says what happened ma. Mai says she fainted because of shock. Thakur recalls giving her tranquilizer.

Krishna says don’t lie please. I know you are not saying right. Thakur says Naina is right. I witnessed it myself. Naian stabbed thakurain and then attacked me. Mai says but you said Naina ran away after attacking thakurain. Thakur says I wanted to save my wife so I had to lie. I didn’t want my wife to have any blame. I don’t want her in trouble. Please end all this. I am sure that’s what Naina wants as well.

Scene 3
Later Thakur says to Naina I really liked you agreeing to what I say like an obedient wife. You have to do what I say. You love your people.
Pavitra and Krishna are worried. He says what do you think? Why did she take the blame? Pavitra says something happened to her. I think he threatened her. Krishna says only Naina can tell what did he say.


Kaala Teeka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mai applies something to Thakurain’s head. Thakur has exchanged the meds. Pavitra says to thakur you fooled the police but I know the truth.

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